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By  Garnetshaddow  |  30

I know how you feel. I don't think I'm pretty at all. If I get any compliments I freeze up and get confused. Most guys seem to notice that the "thank you?" is a bit of a question. I usually assume they're drunk or messing with me.

Don't let it get you down! If he's worth keeping, he doesn't mind a little awkward. : )

  XQuartzX  |  15

That is a horrible way to assume someone being drunk. Most people want to share their thoughts on others by direct speaking. Even if you feel insecure about your body, or you don't think you're pretty enough, accept those compliments anyways. Everyone deserves a booster in their day. :)

  kieron2013  |  19

Social anxiety can be awful. I genuinely struggle with receiving compliments and often end up asking if they're going blind. I don't go to parties or gatherings and I am struggling to learn to drive because, after being on a motorbike for 2 years, I am uncomfortable with another person in the vehicle with me, I have genuinely considered wearing my protective clothing, helmet included, whilst driving my car. If I have to catch a bus I can sometimes come close to a nervous breakdown. When I crashed my bike I apologised to the random passerby, who stopped to help me avoid going into shock, because I felt bad about wasting his time, I broke my rib and suffered from nerve damage down my right hand side, but refused to go to hospital, because I didn't want to waste the doctor's time, despite potential liver and kidney failure caused by the trauma. I literally could have died because I thought that someone else could have needed help more urgently. I have such low self esteem that I genuinely believe that I am useless, despite the fact that I have been accepted onto a university course alongside people who have been working in industry since before I was born. I know that I am not useless, but I can't believe it.