By anonymous - 05/01/2011 04:17 - United States

Today, I was talking to a really cute guy. He leaned closer and I thought he was going to kiss me. Instead, he leaned back, laughed and said, "Wow. You're growing a mustache." FML
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Wax it if it's so obvious it's gross. If he just realized that HEY women have light facial hair too, he's a dick.

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he's just jealous because he can't grow one


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Um, no. Any female openly acknowledging their prominent facial hair will always end with said female's failure. Doesn't matter the circumstances.

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No!! It was changed... Now I appear a damned fool...

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why would you shave it? obviously waxing is the way to go, shaving would just make it more noticeable =.=

most pretty girls hve moustaches. just saying.

i knew this chick that waxed over time the skin became burnt & she had a permanent stache shaving waaaaay better

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I feel like this women with moustaches thing is becoming an epidemic. Learn from other FMLs and wax it.

It's not an epidemic, people are just become simultaneously more aware and less aware that this is a common situation. It's not a problem. So what if a girl has a little hair on her lip? Who lays down the rules that says theres anything wrong with that?

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I know a girl with a hairy-ass upper lip like Piper Perablo's. Major turnoff.

i don't think the girl really has a moustache, the guy probably just chickened out.

Lazer that shit it sounds cooler and then its gone forever

ummm... if I may interject here... I kinda agree wit biggmike on that one... it really wasn't a racist comment women from those countries do tend to b hairier... just yesterday this Mexican lady who walked into my job had a full beard with sideburns and a unibrow... I COULD NOT stop staring

Ewww. I don't blame him. Go wax that shit...or shave it or pluck it. Do something. YDI, you should have noticed something like that.

Better pull out that razor if you want that kiss.

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wow. ever herd of shaving cream. nothing worse than kissing a girl with more facial hair than me

Wax it if it's so obvious it's gross. If he just realized that HEY women have light facial hair too, he's a dick.

Sounds like a dick thing to say anyway, but yeah, he's slightly justified if it is obvious, but I doubt it was, or the OP wouldn't have been as surprised.