By Anonymous - 25/07/2012 01:37 - United States - Solon Springs

Today, a customer punched me in the face for repeating their order back to them because they thought I was making fun of their speech impediment. I have the same speech impediment. FML
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OhimWilliam 1

Shoulda punched him back and say you thought he was making fun of yours

mpj13 8

Good luck talking your way out of this one


Well, they say the customer is always right, but definently not in this case!

mpj13 8

Good luck talking your way out of this one

What the hell? Where's the first comment 0-0

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ant1ion 12

26- He probably posted something that the mod's didn't like

32 - But then, wouldn't it say 'comment moderated,' as opposed to the comment disappearing entirely?

Shadow_Phantom 26

No. I've had comments deleted entirely before; it happens.

If the person is already dumb enough to think you are making fun of it, he probably would think you would still be making fun of him and try to punch again before you are half-way through your sentence. Just have him be arrested for assaulting you first, then give your statement, by the time he realizes it, he should feel extremly stupid or just is really stupid and keeps beleiving you are making fun of him.

Maybe the customer was performing a C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER

T-t-t-today, Timmy!

janelly16 7

You guys should make up and bond

I agree with 106. You already know one thing you have in common.

63- that took me back some years

106 - I think you're pretty ^-^

OhimWilliam 1

Shoulda punched him back and say you thought he was making fun of yours

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... Give up man.

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I didn't understand a thing you said.

you're trying too hard!

Read his profile. Of course he's trying too hard. He a moron.

Jesus Christ he sounds like a serial killer

67- well, sorry to hear that 69- everybody says I'm trying to hard. Too hard at what? Please explain. 101- is there something wrong with my profile? What makes you think I tried hard to accomplish that? And I just love the ironic way Your type insult people with "your an idiot" and "he a moron" I hope you and your friends are ashamed of yourselves now :) 103- really, you think so? Awesome, I never thought I would be described that way... Thanks! And to everyone: I don't "try too hard" because my definition of it is trying to make one's comments look perfect in the eyes of others. I was merely admitting my first confusing statement and clarifying what I meant, and I didn't give a shit whether you thought my thinking was right. There is a difference between "wanting to" clarify and "needing to" try hard to allegedly gain your highly questionable and redundant approval

insertnameherr 11

waisisimilang.... this isn't 1845. you don't have to speak "like a sir".

Lol what a tool. Just shut up.

111- what is it with everyone and how I speak and what I do? I assure you, people in 1845 people speak even more like this than I do. That being said I humbly deny being "like a sir". 114- make me

You are trying too hard to set yourself apart from any normal person.

Ge0rger0kz 5

117- You mad bro?

The oracle says; punching ones customers has a tendency to get one into trouble.

I agree with 3 - it's the same principle.

Thaumat 4

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*looks around* yeah I'd say only you like your dumbass logic

Thaumat 4

I suppose you just might just happen to stumble upon the wisdom nugget that is my logic. Someday.

Unless you're saying karma brought op that customer, and fate allowed the scene to happen? Nah still not YDI sorry don't see your logic yet, and looking at my way of thinking, I have no wish to

Thaumat 4

I believe you're overanalyzing my comment, as it is meant to satirize the concept of divine interaction in terms of "fate" placement and disposition.

5 - I, however, totally understand your logic, as I myself can often be a troll, too. That is, unless you actually aren't trying to troll, and your logic really is fucked up. In that case, I'm not quite sure if I should be laughing awkwardly, apologizing, or shaking my head. ... Have a nice day.

Thaumat 4

My elaborate trolling scheme has been unveiled.

48 ~ Indeed it has. But, what can I say, great minds think alike. Only a Troll can see the logic behind another Troll's words.

Aww...does this mean I'm not a troll and don't have a great mind? :(

Considering your responses to 3's comment? No.

What's the logic called? Fucktardedness?

well looks like you lost a customer.

I hope it wasn't just him that lost the customer, they better ban him from ever going back there.

nirvi 3

Life isn't always fair, is it?

Some people don't care about what other people think.

strawberrywine22 27

I'm sorry OP. I have a stutter when under stress, and nearly lost my job because a customer kept saying "um" between each thing he ordered. Afraid of messing up, I stuttered a bit when confirming something in his order and he flipped on me. So I know how you feel. Aside from pressing charges for assault, the best thing you can do is forgive them. I'll probably get thumbed down for this, but really, kill then with kindness.

Kill then with kindness? I agree. Kill the customer and THEN use kindness. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. I have a speech impediment, or at least I did when I was younger. I can still hear it, but whenever I ask anyone they tell me that they can't. I never fully believe them though. It drives me crazy not knowing whether I still have it.

4- That almost comes off as offensive.. It's like you're saying people with a speech impediment shouldn't talk to others, as if they're not as capable.

strawberrywine22 27

No offense, but if you have a brain impediment then why are you posting on a public forum? Wouldn't you rather post someplace that doesn't involve embarrassing yourself in front of others? I don't have a brain impediment, but if I did I still wouldn't go around making others feel bad.