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Today, at work, I was reprimanded for not engaging with customers enough. In an effort to be more friendly, I complimented the next customer on her interesting accent. Turns out it was from a stroke she had last year. FML
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Why would you even comment on an accent? Douche.

the_flirtt 0

yea cuz evryone can tel wen someones had a stroke. is it really that obvious?? no need to b such a dick

the_flirtt 0

13 I'm just sayin usually u can tell sry didn't mean to offend u

no it's al good but ppl make mistakes not like OP did it on purpose... at least I hope not

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you think your day sucks? well guess what, i got stung by a fricken bee today so stop complaining

oh I just realizd I didn't say mi first comment was ta 9... sorry 12

aww pobre 23 it's a bee nd unless yur deathly allergic, grow up

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27 i bet you dont even know what it feels like

yea I do actually i got stung on the bottom of mi foot and I've been bitten by a yellow jacket soo idk wat yur prob is

goldfishdragon91 0

30 my problem is that friggen bee becuz it stung my friggen arm!

I've got no feelings? Oh please forgive me for not properly spelling everything. I guess those 9 years of private school eduation were a waste.

So you intentionally type like a retard? Screw you.

no it's just easier to type like that. it's how I text and I didn't realize the amount of grammar Nazis on fml

I speak Spanish somewhat fluently so...

Schizomaniac 24

40, it isn't shorter. It is Spanish.

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but then if she spoke Spanish no one would understand her comment ??

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at least you wernt stung by a god darn bee

Schizomaniac 24

I'm going to reply as if I were her. 48-Everything, bitch. 50-Yes, it does matter. Everything should be spelled correctly, and proper grammar should be utilized. If you don't use proper grammar, you are a pathetic insult to mankind and you should die a slow and painful death. Now, my reply. 48-Nothing. 50-No.

Schizomaniac 24

Oh shit. Hit the deck. 57 just committed suicide.

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wait who are you replying for?

Schizomaniac 24

It looks like Ignorance has simmered down a bit. I'm so proud. :)

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32 I'd rather get stung in the arm than the foot... you gotta walk on the foot I can deal without laying on my arm

hairt 4

seriously, you're damn irritating. I've been stung by a bee and i bet many people have so stop complaining and are you just trying to get attention here? are you like 8? go see a doctor if you're so scared. lmao.

hairt 4

of course it's a waste. pity you don't even want to use it on regular conversations. and so what if you are bilingual and have private schooling? you seem like an arrogant bitch to me and most of the people here.

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damn comment bug: private school in Mexico doesn't count chicka

well guess what 42! I can speak fluent Russian and English and spanish. can you imagine ever moving from Russia to America at the age of 18 by yourself? nope, didn't think so.

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52 hmmm... I don't see how WORDS can make someone LOOK uneducated...Get back to me on that one!!!

27, you seem to be abnormally dumb with a splash of obliviousness. 23 was being sarcastic.

you think one sting is bad? one time I was pulling weeds and pulled up a bee whole by mistake..... I was stung 22 times in a row!

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first lolz and that suxs be carefulzz

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be more careful with your words.

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ya know, most people comment on normal things like hair and clothes and stuff like that..

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i personally wouldnt know the difference between an accent and a stroke people make mistakes big deal, dont have to rip someones head off for not knowing... and i comment on peoples accents all the time if i find it fascinating or different!

"I love your asymmetrical face" Op would fail anyway