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  MaceFaceLOL  |  8

LEAVE DR.MIME ALONE. He is a doctor, he will tell you that you have some rare STD (even though I'm probably a virgin(I can tell because you have nothing better to do than "troll" people on FML))

By  DrMime  |  10

It's ok OP, in 'Mimeland', there's many magical creatures like you! Like stutterflies, or bi-polar bears, or hornless unicorns! You're always welcome with me :)

  DrMime  |  10

You can all enter my magical, musical wonderland! We can hang out with Willie Wonka and Dr.Seuss!! And count hefalumps jumping across the fences. If only I could go there in real life... The world can be so colorless and mean. So every-night I close my eyes and go to that special place, then the next morning I'll write it in my diary of a mime!