By Sam - 03/02/2012 04:00 - Canada

Today, I got punched by a man for making fun of his stutter. I didn't. I stutter too. FML
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hope you still have a good weekend.

Then why did you?


T-t-t-that s-s-s-sucks. You mean.

Why didn't you punch him back exactly ?

thumbs down wars!

i've had a friend who has a stutter. i feel bad for OP and the person they were talking to

Sounds like something out of a tv show :/

I'm at a a a a loss fo for words with this one...

You call yourself a troll as if that was a good thing. Plus, you're terrible at it.

LEAVE DR.MIME ALONE. He is a doctor, he will tell you that you have some rare STD (even though I'm probably a virgin(I can tell because you have nothing better to do than "troll" people on FML))

Im a carrot

A parrot? No no that would be just silly

I don't even know how to respond to this FML.....

Then why did you?

Because I'm not cool.......

It's sad that OP would be punched for that. People shouldn't assume. You know what they say, when you assume it makes an ass out of you and me.

34 I've never heard anyone say that lol

Unless my assumption is right.

6- then don't =_=

hope you still have a good weekend.

I don't know why you're getting downvoted pal, I thought that was a very nice thing to say! I hope you do too :)

Damn down voting fairies.

Punch him back? Or stand up for yourself! Should let him know not to jump to conclusions.


And this is what happens when you piss angels off.

C'mon #40, FML isn't the place to be picking up girls, anyone can get a dp from google, go outside and meet some :)

Stutter* how do you even manage to misspell that when OP spelt it right in the FML?

Kind of ironic, but funny.

and that's what FML is all about!

Thanks captain obvious

I'm sorry OP. he's probably just really self conscious. Hope you didn't get hurt too bad

It's ok OP, in 'Mimeland', there's many magical creatures like you! Like stutterflies, or bi-polar bears, or hornless unicorns! You're always welcome with me :)

.... I want a stutterfly :3

They're awesome :D Stuttering their wings n' such!

Where do I sign up? I'm in.

Can I come live in the 'mimeland'? It sounds like it would be a trippy and fun place to be. :D

You can all enter my magical, musical wonderland! We can hang out with Willie Wonka and Dr.Seuss!! And count hefalumps jumping across the fences. If only I could go there in real life... The world can be so colorless and mean. So every-night I close my eyes and go to that special place, then the next morning I'll write it in my diary of a mime!

You should totally publish that diary I would definitely buy a copy.

Mimeland sounds like fun but just for your own health...acid is bad

No guys just come here....its so nice here

Can I ride said Hefalumps? Or are they feral?

Wtf is wrong with u