By Goblin Girl - 01/08/2012 05:46 - United States - Katy

Today, a coworker informed me that she thinks I may be descended from a race of goblins, because of my squat stature, ugly face and hairy arms. She was being completely serious. FML
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Sunako_fml 9

Tell her that you think she descended from a race of bitches.

Here's how to know for sure: Do people get experience points for hitting you?


xxDefiantxx 0

Haters gonna hate....IMO goblins are pretty badass

Tell her you also have special supernatural goblin powers... See how she reacts to that.

Tell her that you eat women for lunch, and she would taste great.

Pictures please and let the Internet decide!

OP - "You're right about that, fortunately I'll always have plastic surgery as a back-up should I ever feel that I need it. You however, will always be a snooty judgmental asshole." And then walk away flawlessly like the bad bitch that you are OP.

15) "They see me trollin' They hatin' Moderatin' Tryna catch me trollin', Derpy!" Okay, I'll shut up.

Please don't! That was awesome! I'm a metal head and got that right away and it made my day!!

tjv3 10

Dwarfs kick gobblin ass in their sleep

missmurderx 8

I was going through everyone's profile because I'm stalkeryishgasm like that and you said you were a wall flower. I have an audiogasm whenever I here that band. Rock on.

Omg I love your taste in music! Look up Memphis may fire. You might like them too! But adtr...just pure win!

missmurderx 8

Thank you both! Memphis May Fire is pretty good, I saw them at Warped Tour. :)

I only listen to post-folk bluesgrass. Everything else is too mainstream.

I only listen to sounds of the rainforest. I dont conform to your artificial "music"

missmurderx 8

132: Hahahah, I like really underground musicians like Mozart. You've probably never heard of him..

mal2012 4
mal2012 4

The "really" wasnt necessary.... I was saying that in a way like i was speechless with nothing else to say. Take ur smart comments elsewhere n all those who liked it. Sheesh.

I think the really was more necessary then your original comment

3- you seriously don't have to post the obvious.

It was a "let's put the first thing I can think of so I'm near the top" kind of post

Exactly what I was thinking. As ManInTheMachine said, don't have a firstgasm.

Mal2012 - If you're speechless and have nothing to say, why not just say nothing? saintsrocksocks - I do believe you meant "you're" rather than "your". If you don't understand grammar, please leave it to the professional Grammar Nazis. This message has been brought to you by the Association of Professional Grammar Nazis.

mhopper 13

Actually Doc, "take YOUR smart comments..." was correct.

Doc I don't mean to correct you but while I was correcting Mal, your is the right term.

If it was you're she'd be saying take you are smart comments elsewhere. Sorry doc. But you were wrong.

HOLY ****. I don't know what the hell I was reading, but I totally screwed the pooch on that one. My sincerest apologies. Feel free not to be nice to me when I totally **** up like that. Give me hell just like you would give anyone else hell, especially if I "correct" someone incorrectly. I deserve no less for that gaffe. Ugh.

Doc it's alright. You are human and we all make mistakes. There is no need to apologize for such a small thing.

Doc of you would of commented iv u dun undrstnd gramar plz leve it too teh pofesional gramar natzis, I would give you hell, but your mind does not think at that sort of level.

Colonel_Lexi 18

72-I bet if someone else made that mistake you'd rip them a new one.

77, Doc never makes errors and it surprised me. I correct the people that either don't know how to spell, or are too lazy to spell. Please get your facts straight and try not to make up stuff.

72-Talk about kissing up and brown nosing.

Wait can this be? Doc made a mistake? Holy shi- *sliced by sergical scalpal*

mhopper 13

You forgot *scalpel!!! The Association of Professional Grammar Nazis is ashamed!

mhopper - I can only correct one thing at a time. I was waiting for someone else to get that. Thanks. *looks around sheepishly*

Here's how to know for sure: Do people get experience points for hitting you?

hockeyoceancity 13

Who trains on goblins? Such low experience points... Upgrade to guards or dragons!

I prefer PKing other people and those giant spiders... Very good xp!

saIty 17

Biotch I'm just more evolved then you.

If your were more evolved don't you think she would be like a godsss like being, instead of a disgusting humanoid?

saIty 17

No, I'd think I'd be a dragon.

By doing my mom, you'd be a more evolved creature. Wow.

6) when I saw your comment with the words "more evolved", I wanted to make a magicarp joke, but I can't fit one it there. :(

Sunako_fml 9

Tell her that you think she descended from a race of bitches.

Well, tell her she must be an Orc then. ;)

hockeyoceancity 13

She must be completely bat-shit crazy! How the hell can you be a goblin? Goblins are fictitious, imaginary, mythical creatures! What the **** was she thinking? You're clearly an Ewok.

How could she mix up the two?! Ewoks are beautiful majestic creatures. I mean, goblins aren't even real!

"I think you descended from a race of goblins." "Bitch, get the **** from under my bridge."