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Are you saying that lesbians are fat?..Last time I checked Ellen Is pretty damn skinny and so our people in my life who happen to be lesbians. Stereotypes are horrible. And that is a horrible comeback.

By  jkqd  |  1

Saying "I hate skinny guys" makes you a horrible and disgusting bigot as well. The worst part is, I'm sure #8 felt very self-congratulatory after "sticking up" for fat people.

By  quiksta  |  0

now that i'm thinking about this, maybe she was just trying to do some mean style flirting. by saying you can't be gay she intimates that she wants you, but she can't be so outright about it so she has to put you down as well to not make it obvious. maybe i'm just blazed off this lamb's breath.

By  Sneak_fml  |  0

I agree. It's disgusting for her to treat a coworker (well, anyone) like that. Unfortunately, BearMan, I can tell you from experience that that's not the worst thing you'll hear from the straight people in your life. That's why the LGBTetc. family is there for you. Don't forget that.