By ugly? - 20/09/2011 08:08 - United States

Today, at work, a weird old woman came up to me and told me that it's okay: being ugly isn't a choice, it's nothing to be ashamed of, and that it's what inside that counts. She then hugged me and walked away. FML
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Awww she is so sweet!

What a wise old woman. Telling you the secrets of life like that. You should be honored.


Lol people actually are open like this?

fthislyfe 22

It's rude and inconsiderate. Not "open"


Ay at least she cared enough to give you a hug... I think the people who lie to you are rude and inconsiderate. Thanks grams for speaking truth.

Awww.. Ugly people are people, too!

cyns0_oaSailor 0

11- I thought it was nice.

bobbilight13 1

Gotta love old people... They know their time's ticking down and they just don't give a shit anymore.

Are you born ugly or do you choose to be ugly? xD just kidding!

Awww she is so sweet!

Just when you think no one cares, someone comes along and you wish they didn't ^.^

What a wise old woman. Telling you the secrets of life like that. You should be honored.

What a sweet lady.

If its the inside thats counts then she is very ugly!

Aww how sweet did you at least say thank you for the words of encouragement

Why would she say thank you to someone who just called her ugly?

BellaBelle_fml 23

I do believe that #7 was just being sarcastic, but you failed.

They say the old is wise. In modern times, the old is just deranged

When I grow old, I'm gonna troll people by walking up to them and doing exactly that.

Ok, so you say that she is weird and random. So you are now taking her words seriously... Why?

Help her cross the street. But you just happen to leave her behind when an 18 wheeler passes.

Tell her she learned to handle it very well :)

abstractsnipe 0


That's me :)!