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  9a_1z  |  12

Sadly I'm not surprised, I've heard men and women alike trying to justify treating young women like things to be oogled because they dress a certain way or are shaped a certain way.
I remember being at a church service where the girls were begged to dress more modestly because it was causing the older men distressing thoughts (there were a lot of young female students there who, naturally, dressed like students instead of nuns when they attended). No words of caution or advice for the old men though.
(edit - I replied to the wrong comment so this looks out of context, sorry!)

  TrippingOnAcid  |  29

I believe that this "mentality" is what's wrong with the world as a general concept.
This may be one specific incident but it gives an example of "victim blaming" which is an awful mentality

  EarlFug  |  19

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  Vanderdale  |  14

It's this mentality of blaming women for the sexual attention they get from men. This man's wife, instead of lecturing her husband for his inappropriate behaviour, verbally abused the OP like she was responsible for the husband being a perv. Catcalling, sexual harrassment, even rape, people start talking about what the woman did to invite that attention on themselves, like they 'tempted' these guys into bad behaviour. THAT is the mentality people are talking about. And it is a pervasive problem.

  R_L_Jack  |  11

Some men do think only with their dicks at any age. Poster who said women can't win is right, fat and ugly punished, pretty or cute, punished. I am 51 and the harassment has waned somewhat, but still happens. Now I view most of it as pretty quaint, esp. when a young man does it, lol. This last summer I was with my husband stretching my legs after a long trip and 2 dudes about 28 slowed down and whooped at me.

By  Reihna_fml  |  14

Well, obviously, you should just laugh that off. The woman has spent her life believing that her husband is not responsible for his actions. There is no way to fix that. If hell were real, he would be a candidate, because in their estimation, impure thoughts constitute adultery.

  cheeeksss  |  29

Yeah because obviously men only think with their penises. Thus, women are responsible for tempting all men with their short skits and high heels. This is why women must be covered head to toe at all times, dammit! UGH.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

There was a rapist that went got in trouble, and during the trial you know what the victim got to hear? His girlfriend and family blaming her saying that she wanted it. It's terrible and sad, but it's sadly common. That's an extreme of it, but I'm sure everyone has seen where a partner cheats and the person blames and shifts their anger to the person their partner cheated with, whether they were aware of the relationship or not.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Yes, because "how she looked" doesn't add or subtract the justification for these assholes to say such things to her and essentially blame their obvious marriage/sexism issues on someone who was simply existing near them.