By Pithegreat - 06/01/2016 04:48 - United States - Rohnert Park

Today, I went to move a load of laundry out of the washer and into the dryer, but the clothes were already in the dryer. Normally, I would be happy about this. However, I am currently living alone. FML
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Maybe you just forgot... That happens to me sometimes

DenBriZel 31

A ghost that does laundry?? Sign me up..


You probably forgot... Or maybe you have a new friend that you don't know about.

Maybe a maid died in there and her ghost self just couldn't fight the urge to switch that laundry. Must be it.

That must be one hell of a person, lives as a man and becomes a female ghost...

except a maid is a female so that makes no sense...?

@19 It usually helps to read the comment fully before replying.

#5 that is the only logical explanation. Another mystery solved! Good work, FML community!

#19 where in blue blazes did you get lived as a guy from?

DenBriZel 31

A ghost that does laundry?? Sign me up..

You want to be a maid who does laundry? I got the perfect place for you. :D

29, I think you misunderstood the comment...

#29 I see what you did there. Don't worry, not everyone is ad worry as you.

IndianaJoe0321 19

My grandmother lived in an old house and she was mentally very sharp. Her laundry was constantly being dried and even nicely folded! I recall twice that it happened while I was visiting and I was completely dumbfounded. We were the only ones in her house!

...That seems like an oddly specific thing for an intruder to do. The person doesn't steal anything, sabotage you, eat your food, or anything. Just does your laundry. I think you just don't remember putting your clothes in the dryer. It happens to me numerous times (sadly).

You most probably forgot that you did it before because if there was someone I am sure there intentions weren't to put your clothes in the laundry

You likely forgot you did it but if you're adamant you didn't, then get a blessing done on your house, it'll make you feel better. Also if your laundry room as outter access to it, put up a camera, you dont want to end up like the guy in Japan who had someone living in his cupboards.

Why would you get a blessing done? I'd be all for a ghost that does my laundry for me. At least until it starts stealing my socks.

#21: So you'd be okay with said ghost stealing your underwear or shirts instead? ps. I know the "washer eating socks" myth.

Not having matching pairs of socks is much worse than not having shirts or underwear.

they only take one in the pair, so if you buy all the same socks all the time you'll always have matching pairs, even if one disappears.

Maybe you have a helpful ghost! That sounds like a plus.