By sad guy - 26/04/2013 05:20 - United States

Today, a huge and angry man stormed into my work and threatened to kill me if I didn't stop sleeping with his wife. He then threatened to come back and kick my ass if I so much as texted his wife again. The problem is, I'm married, have never cheated and I work for my wife's father. FML
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People really like threatening others these days. Call the police if it becomes violent.

well fuck a duck, that's awkward, I say track him down and explain he's got the wrong guy before it snowballs into a bigger issue


Damn, that must've sucked so much.

Gotta love those creative first comments -.-

I know, they're truly enlightening

People really like threatening others these days. Call the police if it becomes violent.

wlddog 14

Call the police huh?? Think the guy that is kicking your ass will simply stand by while you make a quick phone call to 911? If your only source of self defense is the police, then the best you can hope for is the cops showing up to take pictures of you all black and blue.

Obviously you can fight back and argue self-defense, but I think you should notify law enforcement if someone was uttering threats and assaulting you.

wlddog 14

If you don't know who did it, the cops can not help you. There is no reason to call the cops before anything happens,,,, When it happens, you can not stop what is going on to call the police,,,, and when it is over the person is gone.... When exactly does calling the cops help? Unless you are extremely lucky and an officer stumbles across what is going on, the only thing they will ever do for you is paperwork for the insurance company. And this is coming from an ex-cop.

Time to hide weapons all over the office like Dwight does in 'The Office' !!

I think that might enrage him more.

wlddog 14

Cant be mad if your beat senseless.

I'm not sure what you're suggesting the person do... Attack back? Clearly even less is going to be achieved if they aren't as strong. But if thats you're attitude from the perspective on an ex-cop, I can see why law enforcement may sometimes be ineffective.

@72, my god man, how long were you boiling that water? because that BURN was fatal!

I would have told him he had the wrong guy...he needs to get the facts straight. Unfortunately his wife led him to believe it was you. How else did he think it was you.

challan 19

I think its his father in law!

Maybe his wife is leading a double life and actually is married to the other guy, so he really is sleeping with that guys wife and yet not cheating on his own! *brain hurts*

well fuck a duck, that's awkward, I say track him down and explain he's got the wrong guy before it snowballs into a bigger issue

RedPillSucks 31

I think the ducks husband is who threatened him. fucking a duck is what got him in the situation he's in now.

That's more like a "wtf"

wildfiresgirl 7

Makes me wonder what your family reunions are like! 0.0

Are you sure you read the same FML I did?

You should have called the police right away. You never know what a jealous, heart-broken person is capable of and no one has the right to threaten you like this. And maybe talk to your wife so she doesn't hear it from her father first and think you are hiding something?

Yeah he should call the police and inform both his wife and father-in-law (if he doesn't already know) immediately. If someone really is sleeping with that guy's wife I can't entirely blame his rage, but for one it was not smart to throw out a death threat in public, and his beef should really be with his wife. Yeah the home-wrecker is a douche no doubt, but the wife could have said no.

Nikkitaria 9

He should be more preoccupied with his wife instead of running around town, trying to find the man who slept with her.

Yes! Why go around blaming the person who isn't even at fault? The wife is the only one responsible for cheating on her husband... going around threatening guys won't help that.

Inciter 33

Well, he might blame both parties, but would prefer to threaten the other guy instead of his wife. That sucks, OP. I hope you're able to explain the situation to your wife. If she trusts you, it should be fine.

When you need a moment, grab a twix.

Have a break, have a KitKat.

Pstraka6 20

I never understood why people assume oe jump to conclusions. You should tell Van Dyke not to kool his jets and not pop a blood vessel because you have nothing to do with it and that next time he should be so careful as to yell at random people! And cheer up it's Friday!