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Today, while walking around my college campus, I passed by a dorm where a drunk guy was peeing out one of the top floor windows while his drunk friends cheered him on. That guy is my boyfriend. Lucky me. FML
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Getting into college doesn't always guarantee you're gonna do great things in life lol


To the people to said YDI, how in the actual hell does the OP deserve it?!

blcksocks 19

A question mark AND an exclamation mark. Twice. You must feel very strongly about this :)

klovemachine 24

He must feel strongly about it. He is #1 and 2 :)

thejewishfuhrer 17

This comment was shitty the first time you posted it. So why must you post it again?

To the people to said YDI, how in the actual hell does the OP deserve it?!

Maybe because she chose to go out with him

Maybe because she chose to date him

Aug1508 9

She picked the dude so therefore she deserves it. If she is embarrassed by him, she should not be with him. But if she really loves him she shouldn't complain and deal with it.

You must be new here. There are people who say YDI to every FML, regardless of whether they actually deserved it or not. This story is a bit of both, however. Her life sucks because she has a boyfriend like that, and she deserves it for choosing to date him.

Michael_92 20

It is her problem. She is choosing to deal with it when she could leave. Notice how it said boyfriend not ex...

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Was just wondering what a fake hell would be?! Maybe if she joined him?

That is one more person who should be forbidden to drink alcohol.

As I frequently tell women with relationship problems, the problem you chose is the problem you have.

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Was he peeing on a hornets nest?!?!? (Warning, this comment will make no sense if you have not read this previous FML.)

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Really? 'cause I smell urine.

abouttosleep 5

if your on the ground you can probably feel it too.

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Indecent public exposure usually is.

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You'd be a new favorite if you joined him.

Why does on all the love FMLs someone has the urge to comment 'he/she's a keeper'?

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Depending on the size of the window, you should be proud you picked a guy with such great aim when he's drunk.

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It's all about perspectives op lol

Charming. I can see why you chose him. He is certainly a hit with the lads.

Love the profile picture. Isn't it of that scary lady on YouTube who creeps on Justin Bieber?

29 is right. Before she was the meme, she was on YouTube. And shouldn't it be lasses, not lads if he's straight? A lass is a girl, a lad is a guy.

MindFreakazoid 10

Maybe 8 was trying to say ladies and has a stupid autocorrect like I do? Maybe.

No. I'll own up to my fail. I meant lads. Why lads? I haven't the damndest idea either. Thank you for defending my honour, though. I am eternally grateful. :')

39 - I'm new to the meme. I saw her on YouTube last night, an that's the first time I've ever seen her. All apologies.

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... just don't finish sentences anymore.

Your comment is invalid since 11 clearly did not put "..." at the end of his/her sentence.

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I'll let you in on a little secret. You don't rule, your not going to achieve world domination. Good luck being a virgin forever and have fun lurking in the shadows tonight.

Getting into college doesn't always guarantee you're gonna do great things in life lol

TheUnholyApple 6

Well, nothing guarantees that. All you can do is work extremely hard and hope for the best.

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I feel like OPs boyfriend did work hard and hope for the best. And to my knowledge, he made it out the window... So I dare say that he was successful in his goals. OP should be proud ;)

what's the sense in going to college and wasting money , if you don't do something with you're education .

beccaishereyay 11

38- apparently getting the chance to piss out of a window.

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Well 38, you don't seem to be putting YOUR education to very good use at all...