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That says a lot about what kind of brother you’ve been during your first 30 years.

"30th birthday celebration trip" Maybe it's time to grow up, take a simple happy birthday text and move on


That says a lot about what kind of brother you’ve been during your first 30 years.

chessu 21

I mean, you may not be mistaken, but sometimes people are just shitty. For instance, I have a friend (or so I think at least) who I haven't had any problems with, we're not each other's besties and hang out every day, but we're on friendly terms. I tried to set up a cinema date with them weeks in advance, no cost to him as I get free tickets. This took ages to sort out because rather than just deciding on the cinema and the time to meet, cause he is just so flaky it took me a week to narrow down a cinema, another week to narrow down a screening and on the day he tried to bail 'because he wasn't sure if he could afford the free ticket'. Some people are just shit and it has nothing to do with you.

I’ve decided I’m not even gonna celebrate my 30th. Just gonna skip it!!

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Dariean Allen 8

ur rarted bud

Next time, OP, have everybody buy their own tix for which you'll gladly re-imburse them (if at all) AFTER said event. :-)

Know what you tell a sibling with 2 black eyes and won't come to your birthday party? Nothing, you already told them twice.

Meh, siblings. Who needs them anyways.

You better venmo charge all of them for the tickets plus a convenience fee

Your friends are douches. Sorry OP.

I mean siblings.. They are douches.

Did they RSVP for this celebration, so that you could reasonably expect them to show? If they did not, you were basically making plans for someone without their consent. If they did, then, yeah, your siblings are toxic people and you should probably cut them out of your life.