The strangeness of strangers

By wellalrightythen - 09/02/2015 06:23 - United States - Hobart

Today, I boarded a plane. A woman decided that she didn't like where she'd put her carry on luggage and pulled it out from over my head. The heavy luggage then fell right onto my face, the wheel smacking me in the mouth and busting my lip open. She just laughed and waltzed away without a word. FML
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I feel for you OP. Half the struggle of flying is having to deal with the general public and shit like this happens. Hopefully your lip heals quickly. Although I'm not so sure I would've been able to hold myself together long enough to let her just waltz away after hurting my face...

I know it's the wrong response but I would have thrown the nearest thing at her. Peanuts, souvenir, or baby.


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#7 No, the woman who dropped the luggage on OPs face is named Sue.

You can sue for pretty much anything. Whether you can win the case or not is really the question

No not really. But it seems it's the first thing people say. We are more into violence.

#7 op could sue for assult.... and yes our culture believes in suing people :(

Well really sue because that's what most people do like the subway woman who sued for her footling being like 11.5 inches

I'm pretty sure it's an injury and can be sued over.

Well, actually you can't really win a suit here for assault. Assault is when you are threatened and feel in danger of injury. The actual injury is called battery, and it has to be intentional. You could sue and win for negligence, probably.

all depends if he can afford a good lawyer

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And good luck finding a lawyer that will pursue the case in this instance. Most lawyers prefer to have at least a slight chance of winning.

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baggage would have become mine

I know it's the wrong response but I would have thrown the nearest thing at her. Peanuts, souvenir, or baby.

I would bind all of it together and hurl it at her

Based upon your likes, I would say that's the right comment...

She took one luggage you, and left laughing. How horrible im sorry

It's alright, I spotted the pun, even if nobody else did.

hahaha I get it XD she took one LUG AT YOU and left laughing nice XD

myind_yabiness 13

Is it a long flight? If so, find where she sits & spill your in flight beverage *I recommend coca cola* on her face. When she falls asleep, or while she's awake don't let her get away with this.

I recommend coffee heated to exactly 120 degrees.

Some people are just horrible human beings. I'm sorry Op, I hope you're not in too much pain.