By Hm - United States - Rio Rancho
Today, I was sitting in the airport, watching the baggage handlers load the plane I was about to get on. They were being really rough with it, one bag came open and all the clothes spilled out onto the tarmac. The clothes looked familiar. They were mine. FML
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  Si123  |  33

#16 Erm they only make you remove the locks for hand luggage and OP wasn't talking about hand luggage so OP either didn't have a lock when he should've or his suitcase broke

  rocketgurl  |  15

No they don't care about locked hand baggage. That all goes through a scanner. They don't want your checked baggage going in the belly of the plane to be locked, because they have the right to search it. Have you people ever checked baggage before??

  Verotten  |  0

Who the heck do you fly with? Is this a US airline thing? My checked luggage is ALWAYS locked, and I've never had a problem. And I've flown a LOT. Only thing is that they may break the lock to search, but I've never had it happen.

By  OhWhoCares  |  42

This stresses me out just to read, let alone actually having to deal with this. OP, I hope everything was able to be repacked! Also hopefully you didn't lose anything! :(