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  Today, it's been about a week since my boyfriend started his new medication, which has essentially killed any sex drive he had. It has also been about two weeks since I stopped mine, making me hornier than ever. FML
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  Pyro3000  |  6

Sexual and emotional health are still very important and a doctor won't have any issue changing someone to another medication if it has side effects and the medication is a long term prescription.

  Celestia18  |  0

It doesn't always work that way. Assuming the OP is talking about antidepressants, any given drug has about a 70% chance of affecting sex drive. My husband's been on 4 different antidepressants over the last 3 years, and all have completely killed his libido. We've had sex once in three years.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

3 should not be voted down. Lack of sex drive is known as a side effect and there's a possibility of another similar medication working better but without the side effects.
And 12, there's no reason to put op's health over sex drive as he would be switching to a new medication that would have the same effect on his health issue.

Doctors care a lot about the side effects and your quality of life/happiness. Sometimes you go through several different types of medications before finding the one that fits best for you. But that's the reason there are so many meds for one issue, to find the one that works best for you with the least amount of side effects. I agree that op should go see if maybe there are some other ones to try. What's to lose? :)

By  Caylypso  |  6

just don't worry about it, I mean atleast it's obvious why his sex drive is gone, its not like hes out there trying to get with other girls and hes bored with you!

  liquifiednate  |  21

I think you're reading it wrong 42. Because OP said that it has also been two weeks since she's been off her medication. So that implies she wasn't having many sexual needs at the time when she was on the medication.