By embarassinggg - 06/02/2013 18:57 - United Kingdom - Brighton

Today, my mum came to my ballet class. She spent the whole lesson sitting at the back yelling at me to "stop sticking your butt out." My ballet instructor had to ask her several times to pipe down. FML
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FlamingTacos 7

Sounds like she could go on Dance Moms

Maybe she should stop sticking her butt in your dancing.


FlamingTacos 7

Sounds like she could go on Dance Moms

NO! Don't promote shit television! I'm still waiting for that one day that people get tired of reality shows...

FlamingTacos 7

Sounds like she could go on Dance Moms

Just go rub your butt in her face, and see if that's enough.

laya_fml 26

That is actually an extremely creepy and disconcerting idea. I'm disturbed just thinking about a child sticking their butt in their mom's face.

It probably would have been better for me to say stick... or nothing at all... I disgusted myself as well. Sorry everyone.

i, for one, laughed like a devilish 6-year-old.

3 - why. What would that even accomplish..

BrashlyHonest20 4

It would get some good laughs from some of the other dancers i'd imagine.

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Well maybe you shouldnt stick your butt out~

kxxjoejoexxk 8

I can see no one knows sarcasm

LiterOfCola 16

NO 37! NO. The sarcasm symbol is "~," and they used it correctly. Their sarcasm was shitty but it was identifiable

kxxjoejoexxk 8

True i got more enjoymet reading people argue over the sarcasm symbol than any comment

...there's a sarcasm symbol? Why? If it needs a symbol, it can't be very good sarcasm.

Maybe she should stop sticking her butt in your dancing.

Exactly. I wouldve told her that if she thinks she can do better to get out there and proove it. She's probably just living through her daughter anyway because she could never do it.

Jeez, I feel for mom is like that too. They just don't seem to know etiquette or enjoy seeing you squirm :/

squirm is such a grotesque way to describe dancing for one's daughter. I for one would not enjoy watching my daughter squirm either. ewwwwwwieee

Tell her to try it, if its like dance moms she weighs 400 pounds.

You're not supposed to stick your butt out in ballet. You're supposed to tuck your tailbone under. Your teacher should have corrected you. I'm not saying your mom was right, but she was right...

thank god someone else knows what they're talking about.

That's what years of RAD, Cecchetti, competitive dance and mean dance moms teaches you!

But she wasn't right to mightily embarrass her kid the whole class long.

I never said she was. However she was correct in the fact that she is not supposed to stick her bum out. It's incorrect posture and is very noticeable in ballet. Her ballet teacher should have told her. Although it is not her mother's job, her mother was correct. Atleast now she can apply that correction. It's better to hear it at the studio then to lose a part in a ballet or dance because no one said anything about her bad posture.

I feel for you OP. Must be annoying having a parent act that way and not being able to do anything about it.