By embarassinggg - United Kingdom - Brighton
Today, my mum came to my ballet class. She spent the whole lesson sitting at the back yelling at me to "stop sticking your butt out". My ballet instructor had to ask her several times to pipe down. FML
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  Metallica36176  |  16

Exactly. I wouldve told her that if she thinks she can do better to get out there and proove it. She's probably just living through her daughter anyway because she could never do it.

By  disneydraeer  |  10

You're not supposed to stick your butt out in ballet. You're supposed to tuck your tailbone under. Your teacher should have corrected you. I'm not saying your mom was right, but she was right...

  disneydraeer  |  10

I never said she was. However she was correct in the fact that she is not supposed to stick her bum out. It's incorrect posture and is very noticeable in ballet. Her ballet teacher should have told her. Although it is not her mother's job, her mother was correct. Atleast now she can apply that correction. It's better to hear it at the studio then to lose a part in a ballet or dance because no one said anything about her bad posture.