By nooo - Canada - North Vancouver
Today, I got a wedgie after a workout class. As I was walking, I used my gym bag to discreetly unwedgie it, and then turned around to check that no one was there. The cute guy that I had a crush on last year was right behind me, and by the look on his face, it wasn't discreet. FML
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  azarel88  |  11

Yeah I agree with #35 while I may enjoy looking at a woman's behind I don't particularly want to pull out their underwear if they have a's pretty weird

  bab3ruthl3ss  |  16

That's what I was thinking. I mean yeah, it's kind of embarrassing, but there's not a person in America who hasn't had to do that at one point or another.

And given the possibilities of thjngs that can go so very wrong with the back of a woman's pants, you lucked out.