Lord of the dance

By DeActivated - 04/05/2013 00:39 - United States - West Jordan

Today, I was at dance rehearsal. As a male dancer I like to keep the fact that I dance a secret because of the stupid stereotypes male dancers have. This plan was quickly shot down when I discovered I was performing at my school. FML
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Fuck it man. Everybody likes to dance. Ha

Forget what others think and do what you love. Dance your heart out!


Fuck it man. Everybody likes to dance. Ha

Fuck that. Be proud :) go knock em dead OP!

What's the problem. Women f*cking love it when I get my flashdance on.

If you wear the sinterklass costume I would definitely like to see that #30.

I know how OP feels. Male dancer. I got over it after a while though and now use it to pick up women and ignore harassment. I do get called a fairy a lot though, despite being 6'4"

and if friends don't dance and if they don't dance then there no friends of mine....

But... Male dancers though.... Strong leg muscles, right?? ;)

We can dance if we want to...

It's gonna come out sooner or later

HowAreYouToday 34

Yes, definitely. Being a dancer is nothing to be ashamed of. When my friend was diagnosed a male dancer, he was proud of it and didn't let out affect his life in any way.

Diagnosed? Really. Diagnosed

HowAreYouToday 34

Oh. Yes. I'm completely serious. *rolls eyes*

I'm sure he was very proud #10

perfect time to let the world knows

Forget what others think and do what you love. Dance your heart out!

I agree! Embrace your "not so cool" hobbies and you'll get less stick for it. When I tell people I still like to build stuff with lego in my spare time most are ok with it. Some people even think it's cool! And for the people who try to take the piss I remind them about my other hobbies - shooting and collecting knives. ;)

Maybe it's where I'm from, but male dancers are incredibly popular here. Us female dancers go a bit crazy when we meet male dancers, because we can talk to a potential mate about something that inspires us. Plus they get to spend a lot time with a bunch of attractive females. Embrace it OP, if anyone has a problem with it who cares, it's their problem, not yours.

What is male dancers stereotypes ?

Maybe the one were people think male dancers are gay.

They like the dick

Nah it's that they got good moves. He doesn't want the chicks swarming all over him

It seems to be the norm in all cultures, worldwide.

What are you, an 11 year ild? I thought we got past the "faggot" insults by now, what with several countries legalizing same-sex marriage. Grow the fuck up.

wasn't this an episode of Doug?

Just tell the chicks that "If a man doesn't know how to dance he doesn't know how to make love".

very well said sir! dont give it up if you enjoy it. stick with the grooves!

..I'm using this now.

Embrace it! I'm ashamed that I don't like to dance, one of the reasons because I don't know how to, sucks because my bf would love to go dancing. Unless you're gay, you could surprise a girl (in a very good way) to go out dancing.

Why assume he is gay? o.0

Saying "unless you are gay" is not saying that they thinks he is.

Everyone was just out to get me last night, lol.

You're a male dancer. A stereotype would be what? OP:"Bitch, I'm fabulous!"

Dicks, dicks everywhere. I really don't get why people think it's a good idea to taunt people that lift humans for a living.