By thanksdoc - 24/06/2013 22:12 - United States - San Antonio

Today, after asking my psychiatrist about natural alternatives to medication for my depression, she replied, "Why not Zoidberg?" FML
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thanksdoc 3

Yes, my psychiatrist is a boss. She did the impression spot on without looking up from her notes, which was hilarious. Woopwoopwoopwooooop

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rg350dx 29

Did she then proceed to walk sideways out of the room wailing WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP?


This comment was bad, and you should feel bad.

_tequierodianna 14

Not going to feel bad over what a stranger on the internet feels lol

Your joke was bad, you should feel bad.

Okay.jpg Wait, why did it flash? Are you trying to send me a subliminal message!?

Chipmunk.. You have to say no to everything *snaps fingers*

I think we all just need to calm down, take a breather, and relax.

Why not? Because Dr. Zoidberg and Futurama are in their last season, and this knowledge may further the OP's depression.

:( great, gotta break out the antidepressants again

somehow #31 is ******* around again....

PulseShock 9

Well atleast she's got a unique sense of humor! Though the joke was in bad taste, sorry OP she should be more sensitive and professional. FYL.

friedpwnadge 25

Her intentions are good and she should feel good!

SamanthaNGoree 10

Why not exercise... Or sex! I don't think I've ever been in a bad mood after either.

I mostly agree with you... sex makes me happy, exercising makes me happy that I'm getting stronger but not me able to lift my arms makes me not so happy. lol

Readers: after reading about how #40 gets laid and works out, go ahead and check out his profile. (or should I call you "mc awesome"?)

countryrose92 23

He is "da man" all though what Spocks quote has to do with becoming batman I am not sure, but its from Spock so I shall accept it awesome mc Awesome.

Exercise, sex and sunshine all help in my opinion. It might help to organize your life and start working towards a goal, however small. Shave your legs, even... What? It helps.

When someone is diagnosed with depression, it isn't the same as "sadness" those things probably wouldn't work. As someone who also suffers from it, on some cases, it's actually made things worse, I'm not saying for everyone, however, it is possible, if anything, they should go for a walk, or try a relaxing activity,

JimSweatshirt 6

I'd usually google Zoidberg... By why not wait til some generous commenter lets me know what it is?...

JimSweatshirt 6

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rg350dx 29

Stop talking to yourself. You weirdo.

Why say that when you already know where it's from?

rg350dx 29

Seriously, 11. This guy needs to tone down the crazy.

RpiesSPIES 27

If your profile speaks the truth about you, I can honestly say I'm not surprised of your opinion.

Pwn17 25

So I guess he's DRUNKKKK right now, according to his profile.

#11, right?! What person in their right mind talks to themselves on the internet! *CREEPY*

rg350dx 29

Did she then proceed to walk sideways out of the room wailing WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP?

Atleast she's funny! Hopefully after her joke she gave you the response you needed :)

I don't see the FML in this. I wish my psychiatrist was this good natured. Her idea of a joke was telling me she mixed up my medication with a patient of hers who happens to hear voices.

olpally 32

Yeah... Give me a real answer doc. Ya dick.

If that happens often, then change your psychiatrist?

RpiesSPIES 27

Why? If you were depressed, would you rather laugh naturally or be doped up on meds?

#23 Being depressed doesn't mean you have an inability to laugh or find jokes funny. And just because someone chooses medication to help their mental illness, that doesn't mean they're "doped up on meds".

Actually, one of the key signs of depression is an inability to feel emotion, generalized as not caring.

she could of just been saying to watch futurama