By Hystcheria - 25/7/2021 02:01 - United States - Fredericksburg


  Today, I told my long-distance boyfriend that I'd like to throw my legs over my head and have him cram his dick deep inside me. He told me to order a pizza, "It'd be more fun." FML
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By  Plop  |  14

Did he manage to "wet" your appetite and now you want a "meat lover's" with "stuffed" crust?

Unless you know for a fact that your boyfriend isn't that much into sexting, or had a good reason not to be in the mood, you may want to at least have a discussion with him, since you really don't seem to be on the same page when it comes to your desire for physical intimacy.

By  J1523  |  8

tell him to find a new girlfriend. That will be fun. What you offered sounds amazing and I think its very sexy when a women starts the sexual conversation and wants it from their partner. his lose.