By perenoel - 03/12/2011 16:24 - France

Today, I dressed up as Santa Claus for my employees' children. After seeing all the others, my daughter's turn arrived. She sat on my lap, put her lips to my ear, and whispered softly: "I want a new dad." FML
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Whisper back: "and I wanted a boy, but that didn't happen either."


You're going to wake up in a box

sweetpea9008 2

What the ****! ? So rude! Want me to tell you that your gonna wake up in a box? Obviously he didnt wanna hear that so why would you add to it & say shit like that?

For someone who tells it like it is, tellithowitis, you do talk a fair amount of Bullshit... Just sayin

93- what the hell are you talking about?

KailyKii 11

93 - Seriously? Calm the **** down.

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Wait.. What? If she wants a new dad, why the hell will OP be the one in the box?.. By the way, sorry OP nothing hurts more than a loved one telling you they don't want you in their lives.

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Schizomaniac 24

No, considering OP's daughter is a child and that's pretty freaking disgusting.

ellakacyme22 6

What are you a pervet or a piedo. You disgust me

He is not a pervet or piedo, but a pervert and pedophile

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#135, Your icon makes your comment that much better

awe that's sad :( ... maybe she was just embarrassed you dressed up as Santa ... hopefully she didn't mean it

Omg, poor you :( she probably doesn't know how awesome you are :D

UrCapsLockOn 12

do you even know how AWESOME is he ... ???

Nady has the right idea! Kids minds are very in-the-moment with most of their thoughts until they mature more. She could've just been upset about something.

Well FHL twice if he came to this site looking for sympathy.

Anyone who has the balls to dress up as santa in a crowded place is definately awesome! All about making the kids happy. FYL OP.

U know sometimes kids learn this stuff from TV shows!

Istalkrexgar2000_fml 0

Awe. I'm sorry OP. Kids say the damndest things.

Awe. Commenters repeat the samest things.

68- he said this comment before anyone else said it so he didnt say the same thing

100, oh, it must be some deja vu thing with me since I see it all the time... My bad.

No, 100, it's true, only that it's not the same person saying it over and over again. It's just that every single time an FML involves a kid, at least one person has to pull that line out of their ass.

Yeah but he was the first person in this FML to say it so say it to the other 10 people who put it after him.

zero2020 2

There must be something your doing wrong.. Kids usually love there parentsz

Just a heads up, but if you are teaching your kids grammar and spelling, you are doing it wrong too.

Awww :( I'm pretty sure she didn't really mean it