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By  tellithowitis  |  13

You're going to wake up in a box

  sweetpea9008  |  2

What the fuck! ?
So rude!
Want me to tell you that your gonna wake up in a box?
Obviously he didnt wanna hear that so why would you add to it & say shit like that?

  Metal_Chick  |  15

Wait.. What? If she wants a new dad, why the hell will OP be the one in the box?.. By the way, sorry OP nothing hurts more than a loved one telling you they don't want you in their lives.

  boofgall  |  16

Nady has the right idea! Kids minds are very in-the-moment with most of their thoughts until they mature more. She could've just been upset about something.

  mk58  |  31

No, 100, it's true, only that it's not the same person saying it over and over again. It's just that every single time an FML involves a kid, at least one person has to pull that line out of their ass.