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Today, my mother told me to 'quit having a pity party'. I was just diagnosed with depression. I've lost my boyfriend, my job, my academic standing, and I just got rejected from every graduate school I applied for. And my mother thinks I'm a cry baby. Great. FML
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Living well is the best revenge. Show them all by stepping up. Do deal with the depression. It's neither easy nor fun.


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nicely done, I like the way you went in debt there.. I wish I could be as analytical as you...

I'm sure the word you were looking for was "depth" not "dept".

I'm sure the word you were looking for was "debt" not "dept."

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I'm sure the word you're looking for was "combo" not "breaker".

lol randy every comment by you I see you trying to smart or clever but you end up failing miserably. I suggest you stop commenting for your sake.

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Yeah do the world a favor Randy and just accept the fact that you are one dumb ************. haha.

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yes that was an epic fail by me... * hangs head low* ( I'm a girl btw)

We presumed you were a girl from the depth of your fail.

aww, it's alright... you are still in school and you still have so much time:) work through it, girl! study &&talk to your counselor:)

71 - There are intelligent women out there. They do exist... There are even a few on this site!

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Toughen the **** up, you Jashin damn cry baby! Jashin will smite you!!

Don't get mad; get even. Make up a story that you caught your dad banging another woman. When she cries, call her a cry-baby.

@41 - You're so right! Like, seriously, who would expect the Dark Lord to be mean? FYL for not getting a joke when you see one.

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57 - You do know that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and OP can't help it herself no matter how hard she tries, right? How dare you! If she could find happiness herself, she would. With a clinical condition such as Major Depression, which is what she more than likely has, she would need a medication (as DocBastard suggested, Zoloft is a good choice) and/or therapy. My brother attempted suicide twice last year. His depression got that bad. I can't get over how many people are trying to tell OP to suck it up and that depression doesn't matter. It's just bloody ridiculous.

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Ps. You should research the pharmaceutical companies.. trust me, they are not making pills in the masses to "help" people..

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Her brother isn't dead. He attempted suicide.

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First off, he attempted twice and survived each attempt because I caught him once just after the act and once during. Yeah. Don't ******* assume. Major Depression is a serious condition, hence the term "clinical". I understand that many doctors prescribe unnecessary drugs, but in many cases depression can't be overcome simply by "sucking it up". I have had depression before also, and was prescribed a medication. Did it clear up the depression? Yes. Don't assume what my life is like. I know my life is better than many people's, but I also know there are many people whose lives are better than mine. You don't know me from a hole in the ground. It's a good idea to try to be optimistic, but that's not the be-all-and-end-all, and the solution to any depression. Exercise certainly helps, as does eating well, but these aren't solutions. Not all pills make people become zombies. Have you tried them all? Didn't think so. Even if you had, every person is different. Once again you can't assume. If a person is depressed, they're typically withdrawn and don't enjoy the same things they used to. They'd have little to no interest in social activities, thus hindering the "going outside and having friends/meeting new people" part. Do you not think? Depression is not a joke. At the risk of sounding like a total bitch, I really do wish you had someone in your life who's depressed, and possibly suicidal. Now, I realize that's a horrid thing to say and I want to take it back now that I've said it. But the point in saying it was that if that was your situation, you'd better understand depression and not be so quick to poo-poo it. Depression can happen to anyone; it's not just for the "self-occupied" as you put it. My father's one of the most generous men I know and he's severely depressed. My stepmother's got the same deal going for her, and she's just as giving and generous.

Your'e right, I Should not have assumed the facts about your brother and Im sorry for that. As for the other comments, I stand by what I said. Have a good day and I hope you see the beauty in life. Our lives are miracles! We are on a Planet in the middle of the solar system! How crazy is that?! I cant imagine life without the wonder and excitement about our existence and in this I gain happiness. I feel I need to spread happiness to people and to show them the truth of ourselves. I just wish others saw life the same way I do, if so, our world would be a better and more peaceful place. But you are right, I do not know everyone and I dont know everyones situation and it was wrong for me to assume. But I am an optimist and I only think positively. I'll send you positive energy through this message to you and your family. I hope you, your step-mom, dad and brother can one day be content and happy with yourselves and your life:)

*facepalm* That's all fine and dandy, but many more people out there will prove you wrong and hopefully prove that depression can't always be overcome by "sucking it up" and "thinking positively". Those types of "solutions" didn't work at all for anyone I know. Why should I think it'd work better for anyone else? I appreciate the optimism overall, but sometimes people should be realistic as well... no?

I see how realistic people are and they are sad. I choose to be delusional and insane if that means happiness;)

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**** this. You're too thick to really understand. How about you take your "mind over matter" attitude and give a seminar to my mom, who's tried to kill herself three times and has had major depression my entire life? Tell her that while she continues to deal with my dad's death (they were together 25 years), my sister's deployment to Japan, and the deaths of her parents, her brother, and almost everyone important to her except her two kids. Or you can just shove your unhelpful, condescending opinion up your ass so far that you can vomit it out? If I hurt your feelings, just go ahead and suck it up, like those of us fortunate enough to not suffer from mental illness often tell those who do suffer. Which, sadly, keeps their suffering long, silent, and even more painful. 5t3ff1k4h, I'm really sorry to hear about your brother. My mom's tried to kill herself and has always had depression. "People" like this person just don't get it and don't want to.

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5t3- thank you for speaking for the rest of us educated and people who struggle with depression. it is very very true that depression cannot simply go away, and even medications dont always work or they make things worse. to 'relaxfreak', stfu douchebag.

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Seriously, relaxfreak, do some actual research before you talk out of your ass.

Thanks, guys. It's nice to see there are still some intelligent people out there... Thank you for using your heads and understanding a simple concept. :)

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you aggervate me and relaxfreak

@relaxfreak, the 'clinical' refers to the fact that the depression is caused by an imbalance of chemicals rather than from life events. In this case it is not possible to simply 'suck it up' or 'look on the bright side' because these patients (if you like) are deficient in the chemical which allows them to look on the bright side and experience pleasure in the first place. And for your information, the medications prescribed act to increase the release of these deficient chemicals in order to regain the balance. They do not turn any feelings off and therefore do not just 'turn people into zombies', which you would know if you bothered to research your opinions and misconceptions in the slightest. Don't talk about things you don't understand, or you wind up looking like an ignorant bitch. Coming from a pharmacist, which I am myself, I am very much maddened by your view that the pharmaceutical companies create mass loads of drugs for their own gain without the wellbeing of anyone in mind. If yoiu hold that attitude, how about when you or any member of your family becomes ill, we hold back the medications and refuse to treat, because after all we don't have your wellbeing in mind anyway so what's the difference to us? I didn't think so. You'll be the first wanting our mass produced, horrific medications when something goes wrong.

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go hug a tree #82, you psychotic hippy!

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stfu you guys freak has all the right ideas going for him. I mean who the **** cares if everyone you care for is dead,dying or has disconnected from the world. who cares if you've lost your home, job or any real meaning in your life. just ****** look at the goddamned bright side of life. like omg were like totally life in space when like no one else is! and we all have unicorns and magic ******* faries. seriously tho asshole u make me sick and you don't deserve this false happiness in that fake world u've created to obviously deal/run away to. you deserve to suffer like all those people you call self ****** centered. you don't know shit. and i suggest you off your self and stop polluting this "beautiful" world with your disgusting self. I want you to look into the eyes of some you love most (probably ur self tho) and watch them die because you were too late to save them then have everyone say you killed them and tell me that the world is still amazing. you don't have a clue what real life is and how horrible and painful it can be. how the kindest and most generous people suffer while scum prosper and thrive. you say help the less fortunate? why don't u actually do it and tell them your views? I'm sure they'll thank you.

#82 - either you're on a bipolar high, or you're just a very happy person (probably the first one though) either way, I respect your opinion, but some people really are mentally ill when depressed. not everyone, but some people really do have a mental disease. if you did a CT scan on them you'd see that their brain was seriously messed up. it's a hard thing to understand unless you actually experience it.

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anti-depressants are overrated

EvilCupcake8361 9

anti-depressants are overrated

Ooooo. An Internet fight! *grabs popcorn* p.s sorry about your mom OP. hang in there

Depression is a terrible thing. I've been there, and I've known people who've been pulled much deeper into it than I have. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. I'm glad that people like 5t3ff are still fighting that awful stereotype that depressed people are just pessimistic losers who can't be bothered to appreciate the good life they have. It makes me sad how ignorant some people can be, but it makes me happy that I have some allies out there ^_^

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Do you realise how hard this is for OP? Having all of these things as one giant rock dropped on OP's head? Some people can get over this shit easily, OP can't, like me

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if you knew anything about depression, mabey you'd realise what a concited ass you really are ☻

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how do u know her boyfriend left her mabey he died what the hell is wrong with you

Living well is the best revenge. Show them all by stepping up. Do deal with the depression. It's neither easy nor fun.

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There is only one thing to do..... Go to your dad.

well your wrong, do you know anything about depression? looking at this comment clearly not. have you not thought that one day you will have something shit happen and everyone will just tell you to get the **** over it plus if you don't like people talking about problems why go on this website? get over yourself

#17 and #109 Did it ever occur to YOU that it's not her fault? that perhaps life really did just screw her over? Plus, neither therapy nor pills are a sure-fire thing, and it's a matter of what yoou react best too. I doubt you have the expertise to really give that advice. plus, you can't say that coment was 'nearly all true'! You have no idea if it's true! mabey OP HAS sought help. Mabey she is dealing with these problems. And it's not like she's using her depression as an excuse, she's just stating it is one of many problems in her life, like any other illness or condition you can contract. Also, a lot of people who've dealt woth depression feel insulted when peoplerag on the depressed and have a right to express that. And, if you hadn't noticed, this sight os called 'f my life', not 'let's talk of my outrageos fame and fortune'. This place was LITERALY MADE FOR WHINING. If you can't handle it, join the latter site. get bent S.O.B.s☻

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this sounds fake. or it's the story of a crybaby that gets everything handed to them.