By Brokebitch2017
Today, I finally got my phone and internet services reinstated after a billing mishap. During the week that I was without service, I had 3 requests for interviews and a position offer. None of those opportunities are still available. FML
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By  jcash52426  |  5

That really sucks. But why didn't you contact the places you applied to assuming and tell them if they need to get in contact with you to call a friend you trust or your parents number or something like that. This way you can at least call them back.

By  interesting33  |  36

That really does suck OP. Ask them to keep you in mind for any future positions at the companies. Could you have used the library or a friend's computer to check email though?

By  cakefete2  |  30

When it rains it pours OP. So sorry, keep trying to get work and maybe also include your email address. At least you can check email at library if you need to.

By  Jo_kat  |  5

Sorry OP, but YDI. It sounds like you're strapped for cash and having a hard time paying bills. But, you're actively pursuing jobs and went a full week without going out of your way to check in? Not having internet or phone service sucks, but there are libraries and cafes with free internet and computers.

  PhoenixChick  |  26

So you're assuming that "billing mishap" actually meant "didn't pay the bill." And assuming that OP has the means to get to and access to a library, or has a laptop and free internet cafe nearby.


I don't know about where OP lives but normally here, job offers come by phone call so Internet cafe/library isn't going to help there. Offers for an interview are usually by email but there's also an initial phone interview, so again internet independent

By  xxthexmisfitxx  |  25

Hey, if a weird coincidence happened that prevented you from taking any of those positions then it must be because there's something even out there for you. Things we need to happen do and things we want to happen don't always pan out, so keep moving on. It'll all work out. You probably dodged a few bullets.

By  pinkpanther61789  |  15

Hey guys, OP here, and I'm damn surprised this got published. To clear a few things up, I had paid my bill on time but the payment had been applied to a different account by accident causing my service to be cut off. I spent a whole week being given the run-around by the billing department and customer service before finally getting answers and my service restored. As for not being able to check in, I work 2 jobs and by the time I get done work both the library and Internet cafes are closed. As for how I managed to contact the phone company, when my service got shut off the only number besides 911 I could dial was the billing department hotline. Hopen this clears a few things up!

I go to college and work full-time. I haven't had internet for about 6 months. I do go to public libraries and use their internet. I have the free government phone and between that and the public libraries, I never miss a thing.