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Today, I logged onto Facebook and saw that I had a message from my ex boyfriend. It's only been two weeks since we broke up and I assumed he sent me a message begging for me to take him back. He wanted to apologize for sleeping with my sister last night. FML
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By  Slimma  |  20

Someone certainly has a high opinion of themselves. I mean really thinking that he's messaging you on facebook just so that he can beg you to take him back. Pfft get over yourself. Just for having an ego like that you deserved that message.

Plus it's two weeks after the break up so he moved on apparently to someone better. Your sister. YDI

  youreanidiot  |  0

agree, ydi, you dump him and expect him to come begging and humiliate himself just so that you can feel better than him, yet think its an FML when he sleeps with someone else. If you don't want him sleeping with someone else, don't dump him, and your sister can make her own decisions.

  Reyo  |  2

Women, here's something to remember about guys. If you break up with them, they are NEVER going to come back to you. On the off chance they do, you don't want them. Trust me, you don't. That shows bondage issues.

  happyhak  |  5

#38 took the words right outof my mouth...OP, you broke up with him, right? So, why is it an FML if your ex sleeps with your sister? To me, he sounds like a player!

  ipwnallmen  |  10

IM so sad for you, 3! you reply to people based on their nick names! it dosent matter if you dont think I pwn all men!! it matters if people get a kick out of it!! lolol kisses!! mwah!

By  Slimma  |  20

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