By mirandale - 02/07/2015 05:53 - United States - Durham

Today, my long-distance boyfriend came to see me and told me that he had a surprise for me. I was excited at the idea of a romantic gesture, but forgot about it until he arrived and things began heating up. As I was removing his pants, I said, "Ooh, you shaved!" to which he replied, "Surprise!" FML
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Hi, everyone! OP here. I made an account so I could post a follow up. (: Three hundred characters is pretty short to explain the whole thing, but basically since we hadn't seen each other for several weeks, my boyfriend and I both decided to think of something romantic we could do this weekend to surprise the other with. I actually thought his first surprise was hilarious - but he wasn't serious! I get my "real" surprise tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for all the comments, guys!

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Well, he didn't lie, you were surprised.

What's wrong with that surprise OP? It could've been a bad surprise....


Well, he didn't lie, you were surprised.

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Her boyfriend and the Bone Appetite guy could get along quite well.

What if it is the same guy? He just tried the trick again in a different way.

Things are about to get hairy between you two.

xluciferx666 21

Apparently not since he's packing a naked mole rat in his pants now

Kim Possible made me think naked mole rats were cute until I saw what they look like in real life. Blah!!

that sucks, I'm sorry, hopefully he made up for it by a getting an actual gift op

Made up for what? He did nothing wrong. It was her fault for assuming things.

mads_nicole 19

Why should he owe her a gift? That's so stupid. It's not his fault that she assumed something different.

It's not his fault she's not appreciative. I'd be excited, and have great sex with my man.

#31 ikr? Like damn, he actually did something different, without being asked too? I'd be grateful.

What's wrong with that surprise OP? It could've been a bad surprise....

Yea I thought it was going to be breaking up with you. This is a fine surprise

JMichael 25

I believe OP was expecting something more..sentimental.

I actually thought it was a great surprise and it did make me laugh (: I certainly didn't mind!

Then why FML? Fishing? JK. Entertaining post

That is funny. He did not say a gift just a surprise. I would much rather have a man that can make me laugh and be silly with than all the gifts in the world. He came to see and be with you not break up. How many FMLs have started like yours to end with we are breaking up and I'm already see someone else? Lots. Be happy.

This! You have said everything I meant to say. >.>

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I had the feeling the surprise was a new girlfriend and him breaking up with you. Now the shave doesn't seem bad at all.

Can anyone fill me in as to how this is an FML?? OP's boyfriend clearly said he had a surprise for her, and she certainly seemed pleasantly surprised, so where is the problem here???

Does a shaved dick seem romantic to you? I didn't think so. That's the FML.

#13 But he didn't say it was a ROMANTIC surprise. It's her fault for assuming it was, and getting disappointed as a result.