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By Sadboy - 06/04/2012 14:24 - United States

Today, I went to family therapy because my mom wanted the family to be closer. When asked what her biggest disappointment was in life, she turned to me and said, "Having a gay son" then patted my hand, smiled, and said "No offense, honey." FML
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I wish small minds had small mouths.

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I would have patted her face with the back of my hand


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I wish small minds had small mouths.

"Having a dumb bitch for a mother has been a huge disappointment. No offense."

OP, you should've said your biggest disappointment in life was being raised by a heartless bitch. Then pat your mom's head, and say "No offense, mom."

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kristabelli 19

Well maybe she wants to get over that feeling, maybe that's why she had them go to counseling... at least she is trying?

biggestfan, homosexuals can still have kids by in-vitro fertalization, or having a surrogate mother, or by adoption. It's still possible.

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28 couldn't have said it better!

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If OP said he's not actually gay, then yes you have a point. But the fact that OP posted this FML and his chosen username is "SadBoy" and the fact that he did not write "I'm not gay" means that he's gay.

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then he would have put that he is not gay in his story.

71 There is always adoption. They don't need to be related by blood. But by the way OP's mom reacted to him being gay, I feel like she'd complain about adopted children.

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It's called adoption, or surrogacy. There are a lot of options and a lot of kids without parents.

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It certainly is possible. I know several gay couples with their own children and several more who have adopted. That's a horrible excuse to treat your child with such disregard. If my mother were like that I would never let her near my children, effectively taking away any grandchildren. Hate breeds hate. I'm straight, but that kind of disrespect is a mild form of hate towards gays. It's only worse that this is her child.

You know kakarot^, I would look at you straight in the face and say "yes, I would be proud if my son/daughter was born a homosexual". Also, there is nothing to be disappointing about your child being gay.

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My mom is a bitch just like this. Says she loves my partner, but still is disappointed with my "choice"

I would be proud to have a gay son, 155. And I would definitely prefer a gay son to a homophobic son.

kakarot2 1. You don't deserve that name. 2. Why on earth WOULD you be disappointed in having a gay son, if I may ask? What part would you be disappointed in?

Idonebeenhad 17

155- I'm gay, but I don't tell my parents because I know they'd do some crap like this if not worse. If you were a real parent you wouldn't be "disappointed" if your son or daughter was gay, why should you? You're obviously not one to have kids if you don't accept them for who they are.

Why be disappointed? How could you be? I know more gay people out there who are more loving caring an compassionate people then ******** straight people! So yes I can honestly say I wood not be disappointed if I had a gay son!! I wood be ecstatic!! Over the moon!!!

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Why would you be proud if your child was homosexual? Or if they were heterosexual?

bnutts 4

Oh wow... This happened to me. I know how you feel Op.

Please, tell me, I would like to know how a person is "born a homosexual". How are babies born sexually attracted to males and/or females?

Yeah actually I could say that I wouldn't be disappointed cause I'm not the type of person to hold my expectations against anyone especially my kid.

Seriously? You guys are asking why they would be disappointed? They're clearly a homophobe...

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The biggest job of a mother is to love their children unconditionally. They should want their children to be happy and you know what, if loving another man makes OP happy then his mother should consider her job as a mother a success, not consider his sexuality a disappointment. I know my mother loves me the same now that I am with girls as much as she did when I was growing up. Besides there is always adoption. Even if I was straight I have no desire to give birth to a there will be no biological grandchildren from me!!

I would venture that most people here saying they would or wouldn't love their children if they were or weren't gay aren't parents. Am I right? I'm not going to bother clicking on all your profiles. The fact is that you have NO IDEA how you will act once you have children. You may think you know, but trust me, you don't. I have two children of my own, and if either of them turns out to be gay, SO ******* WHAT. That doesn't make them any less my children, and it doesn't make me love them any less. My children are my world, and I love them unconditionally. THAT is the definition of a parent.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I wouldn't be disappointed to have a gay son. My son is my son, and the way my son is born is the way God wanted him to be. ::sassy fingersnap::

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Having DocBastard as a parent would be like having Chuck Norris of the FML world as a dad.

Y'all are crazy. I'd side with the mom!! I would hate to have a guy kid.

I didn't say I would not love him. I would love him just as much, be proud just Like any other dad. I am not homophobic, 3 of my closest friends are gay. However, I would still be a little sad that I get a gay son. Why? I am Hispanic, in my culture you want to see your son marry a woman and have children of their own. Like I said, if I got a gay son I would not treat him any different than I would a straight son, but I know that deep inside I would still be happier if he wasn't gay. I don't know why you guys automatically just thumb me down, it is my opinion to which I am entitled to.

153- Really ? A 25 year old hitting his mum? I gottake be honest, that's slightly disturbing.

226- If you truly believe in God and His word then you should know that your children are not created homosexual. I have my own theory of homosexuality: it's either a choice you make or a choice made for you. In that I mean that either you chose that path or your childhood or some experiences lead you to choose that path. It's not God choosing for you, hence the term "Free Will."

234 - I hope all your children will be healthy girls then.

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#1 That is the most wise thing I have ever read on an FML

234 - Your username renders your opinion worthless.

spekledworf 18

249 in that case, healthy lesbian girls.

So laxbro, how do girls appeal to you?

Heard of adoption? Not everything in life has to be by blood and anyway, who said he wanted kids?

That's ******* ridiculous because as a gay man or a lesbian, you STILL HAVE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS and can, albeit not easily, have children. ******* come on, 21st century, kick in already! Damn!

@236: Using your "culture" as a reason for being disappointed in a gay son/daughter is just...bullshit. We don't live in the Dark Ages...there are plenty of ways for gay couples to have children. Would you be just as disappointed in your children if they were straight but sterile? WTF kind of logic is that?

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I love all the people on here saying they'll never be disappointed in their children. How many of you ever got told "I'm not mad, just disappointed." as kids? I know I heard it plenty. My mom's biggest disappointment in life is me. I'm straight, but I didn't finish college. When a girl with offers from NASA decides to be a trucker, Mom is disappointed. So don't worry, OP. If it's not one thing it's another. It just sucks that you had no control over the thing your mom doesn't like. I hope she still shows you love, though. That's what really counts. Everyone is disappointed with their kids at some point, it only matters that they never stop loving them.

Why don't your write a more original comment:)

272, stop putting words in my mouth. I clearly said, marry a woman and have children. Using my culture has a lot to do with it. Especially when in your culture isn't as "advanced" per say. My family is extremely traditional. I understand where you guys are coming from. You won't change the way I feel just because you disagree with me. Like I said, I would love my children either way. I WOULD STILL HOPE he wouldnt turn out gay. If he is then it doesn't matter. No need to be rude just because I don't follow your ideals. I just find it extremely hard to believe that a father would WANT a gay son. If it turns out he is, then who cares, I would still be the proudest dad, I would still die for him. Like I said, this is my opinion. If you don't agree you don't have to be rude about it. Just follow your ideals I follow mine.

Gays defy our human race.. We were given life, where a man and woman are to be together... Gays just *think* they like their same race .. Its all BS lmfao

That is the best saying ever. I want that on a t shirt!!

I would be happy as long as my child is healthy and living Being a girl, I know more about dating guys so I could give him better advice then if he were straight If I had a lesbian daughter... Her dad will help :) lol but seriously I would be happy either way, I love gay people because usually they are much more accepting that others, especially the small minded ones

-155 I couldn't imagine that a parent would hope that their kid will be gay, but that doesn't mean that the parent should be disappointed if the kid is gay. You should respect your kids and love them regardless of their personalities.

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Why is this getting thumbed down? This is reality.

hey, 128, did you know that going out of your way to deny people's sexuality makes you look like an asshole?

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I would have patted her face with the back of my hand

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It doesn't matter. Don't judge dickface

Actually it does depend. It would change the way I read this FML.

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bunch of HOOPLA don't you think?? Is he gay or not?

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so whats the deal? r u gay or not?

Wow, all the people who put "YDI" are douchebags. And I guess at least she still has him in the house and everything seems to be normal between them, but still, what a bitch.

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Or wait until they were home so he could assault her, chop her body up into pieces and sell them on EBay.

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Way to go captian obvious!!

OP should've replied "My biggest disappointment is my parents"

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You're joking right? You ARE joking right? For the sake of humanity, get off the internet. No one should be allowed to be that stupid.

I'm sorry the first thing I wondered if he was gay- the mom could just be assuming that he's gay because that would be an fml too

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I think if he wasn't actually gay, that would have been included in the FML.

If he wasn't gay he probably would of put 'but I'm not gay' at the end.

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Ydi you are a gay Brace yourselfes Thumping down incoming...

Here's what I think: I think some of you aren't looking at the FML right. This wouldn't be a great FML if he was gay. He never said he wasn't , so I infer that. Besides, it wouldn't be FML bad if he was( but still bad)

yoursucklives 36

170, it's still pretty damn bad if he was gay, stupid. She was saying he is her biggest disappoinment.

KissMyFurryAss 10

Well I suppose you could read this FML either way. If he were gay, it'll be quite sad. If he weren't gay, it'll still be quite sad. So, in conclusion, this is a great FML because of its ambiguity.

StormGirl142 24

Wow, that's really messed up. How could that not be offensive?

Well, homophobes wouldn't find it offensive. Fred Phelps wouldn't find it offensive. Those family values people wouldn't find it offensive.

^ I would like to point out that I consider the above to be dipshits.

They say people who claim to be a "homophobe" are truly gay and are just running from it.

Some of them are. Some of them are genuine dipshits who feel they need to control the lives of the Not Like Them.

You have a horrible mom. Be proud of who you are!

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It would've been funnier if you weren't gay, just saiyan

I agree, being a Saiyan would be awesome. Being a Super Saiyan is even better again, though.

Especially when there's a full moon - then being a Saiyan would be awesome! OP's mom wouldn't think twice about calling her son a disappointment. I think she'd be too afraid to even come near him.

simpleman124 1

It's cooler to ascend past super saiyan

139 - it's a TV show parody reference. You missed it.

Shes mad that she has a happy son? Thats depressing.

nofearjenshere 12

I don't get why people say that. Everyone sees what he did there. :b

Oh dear lord. That is meme. A common saying on certain sites. This is a sad day for reddit.

When they ask you that question, say it's having a bitch for a mother

EvilTwerp 12

Looks like someone is disappointed in homos. You should say "My biggest disappointment is having a blunt old lady for a mom."

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Being blunt is a good thing in my opinion. The mom is just a nasty homophobic cow.