By Wenny - 18/01/2009 12:41 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me that he was gay and that he is in love with my younger brother. FML
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I have a twin brother. I used to get a little upset because whenever I found something I was good at, he'd decide to give it a shot, and without even trying, he'd turn out to be better than me after taking have the time to learn the skill. The inferiority complex didn't form until three boyfriends (in a row) came out of the closet immediately after dating me. All three of them said the same thing. "I guess I was just more interested in your brother..." My brother's not gay.


BURN!!!!!nah seriously thats horrible lol

omg!! that happened to me too! fckn son of a btch

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Mm, love your boyfriend for that 8D Does suck though <:3

#21 I'm sure OP's little bro thinks that too.

oh gd, that's like my worst nightmare

Is it weird that I find that oddly bad ass? I would hate it if it happened to me though.