By Wenny - 18/01/2009 12:41 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me that he was gay and that he is in love with my younger brother. FML
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I have a twin brother. I used to get a little upset because whenever I found something I was good at, he'd decide to give it a shot, and without even trying, he'd turn out to be better than me after taking have the time to learn the skill. The inferiority complex didn't form until three boyfriends (in a row) came out of the closet immediately after dating me. All three of them said the same thing. "I guess I was just more interested in your brother..." My brother's not gay.

he banged that bitches brother.


BURN!!!!!nah seriously thats horrible lol

he banged that bitches brother.

OMG! That is messed up...

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omg!! that happened to me too! fckn son of a btch

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Mm, love your boyfriend for that 8D Does suck though <:3

#21 I'm sure OP's little bro thinks that too.

xDD That's so... awesome.

Is he a top or bottom? Lol

oh gd, that's like my worst nightmare

Is it weird that I find that oddly bad ass? I would hate it if it happened to me though.