By anahira6 - United States - Houston

Cheating cheater

Today, my boss's son is training to take over my job as head translator, after having convinced his dad that he's fluent in Spanish, and that my skills suck. I soon walked in on him using Google Translate on a legal document. My boss refuses to believe me. FML
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  KatieMajestic  |  17

That comment looks like you translated it.

  Bcfrmkc816  |  17

Well the as a translator you can get a good job wherever they need them. So good luck job hunting and find one and leave your boss and his son to figure out what is going on.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Or just let time take care of that problem on it's own: If Google translate is the best he can do, especially on legal documents, it'll be obvious enough before long and your boss will come out looking like the stupid ass for One, not listening to you, and Two, firing his own son that he himself hired.
Of course, that'd be just too perfect to happen that way. You may be unemployed and after a thousand fuck ups, the boss may "promote" his son to a "different yet equal" job opening that just appeared. :p
Truly a sad story.....

  nurchok  |  15

But then eventually, the boss will be fired for having approved a Google-translated document... Don't wait for something to happen, OP, just find another job, let karma take care of the assholes... Good luck.

  Anyb0dyTh  |  8

It's not about whether the kid can speak Spanish or not.
The father probably knows his kid can't speak Spanish.
The father probably knows what he did was wrong and doesn't care.
People do rotten things all the time. Don't assume your boss has a conscience, he probably doesn't.
Hope you get through this.
I've been there. GL

By  sebmarks  |  1

Its all politics and family right there OP. If you get lucky and he does it again, hopefully your boss will witness and make a decision from there

By  Kyuubi_Rose  |  11

Why would he use google translate for anything, it's terrible, he should by a book and learn, op I'm sorry there are idiots like this in the world you should try to catch him in the act and get proof unless your boss is a moron too then your screwed

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

12- Lol, and here, judging by your grammar and spelling, I was going to ask You if you were using Google translate yourself! ;)
(Teasing, teasing, no hate here, nothing but love....) ;)

  ballpython  |  15

#36 - I usually just put commas where every I think they need to be, most of the time, but then there are the occasional instances like this, where a comma should be used in excess, just to make a point. Although, I am not sure how many is too many, even in a situation like this.

  hashshim  |  21

51: Commas aren't necessarily used to make a point so much as to use an appositive phrase, an interrupting definition, in a sentence. An interrupting definition being used to clarify something the middle of a sentence. (I used one in the first sentence!) You can tell if that's what it is by seeing if the sentence makes sense without it. They are used for emphasis occasionally, but it's often the former. This is of course on top of the usual uses such as seperating clauses and listing nouns.

  threer  |  30

#78. Story of every woman's life.