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Today, my mom insisted on putting sunscreen on me. I closed my eyes and shut my mouth while she rubbed some on my face. Halfway through, I burped. I opened my mouth just in time to get a large glob of sunscreen in it. FML
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One of my friends brought to my attention that one of my ol' FMLs is still circulating with quite a bit of controversy, so I'm back to add a little bit of insight: For those of you who called me childish for not applying my own sunscreen, I'm far from flexible and I'd like to say that any normal person can't reach their back, so my mom went ahead and did that for me. Since she had some extra sunscreen on her fingers, she went ahead and did my face too, as I did the rest of my body. For those of you who said that it was rude of me to burp on my mother, I completely agree, but my eyes were closed and I had just had Taco Bell, so you know how it is. I didn't know my mom's fingers were so close to my face, my eyes being closed in all, so—I don't really remember, this was years ago. I'm glad I have a published FML, but my day at the beach turned sour when I had to wash sunscreen out of my mouth with seawater! My mom and I still laugh about it, though. Have a good day!

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well burp through your nose, that's what I do.

I never trust my mom with putting sunscreen on me. not after having a smiley face on my back.


well burp through your nose, that's what I do.

I wonder if OP realizes that you can burp with your mouth closed..

8- since when does it hurt it just stops peope seeing

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17- exactly what I was thinking.

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burping with your mouth closed is the same thing as burping through your nose. if it hurts maybe it's more heartburn. or you ate spicy food lol. but op that really gross, ugh tough luck!

it's better to burp and taste it than fart and waste it

haha in your pic, is your hand in a glory hole?

9 but what about in south park where when people didn't fart they would spontaneously combust? the same principle could be applied here. LOL JK southpark is really stupid.

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^ South Park is far from stupid. It's an intelligently, though gross, written satire of our society. Family Guy is stupid. But OP- That's just rude. Do you just open your mouth and burp every time you get the urge to burp? My, my... What a classy lady. That's seriously disgusting, for both men and women. Get some manners- you absolutely deserve it for basically burping in your mom's faces.. For burping aloud and open-mouthed, period, but burping in your mom's face just makes it worse.

People who think Southpark is stupid obviously don't understand the deeper meanings behind the episodes...

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why didn't youuu.... just put it in yourself??

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so your old enough to be on fml but not old enough to put on your own sunscreen? thaaaaat makes sense?

121 your the one who looks 8. But what do I know I'm just the watermelon...

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I can only burp through my nose when I drink a carbonated drink, and that does not feel good in my nose ):

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123-- you look ripe enough to be on FML.

I was about to thumbs up your post but the I read the part where you said Family Guy was stupid.

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9- every one burps how you gonna say you don't burp? whether it's open mouth or closed, you know you burp. Just Sayin

I bet thts not the only glob of something white that's landed in her mouth

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I burp through my penis. some people might frown upon that

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boo hoo u got sunscreen in ur mouth how is this a fml just spit it out (lol)....not ydi or fml just null

who doesn't put on their own sunscreen unless they're like 10yo or younger?

I might get some one to help w/ my back but i can put it on my face

what who burps through their nose. and if u do I'm not trying to troll but I think it's weird.

107. burping is completely natural!it's the way that our body gets rid of gasses!it's not as gross as farting...

yeah because it's totally unnatural to burp. grow the **** up.

You sure this isn't dialogue from a **** vid? FYL

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@58 its not unnatural to burp, its ******* rude to burp in someones face while theyre putting sunscreen on you. this idiot totally deserved it for not either holding it for a few seconds or not opening their mouth.

or...for not burping through their nose

so what's it like to have your comment buried

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We should bury ^ so he can find out.

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So you've never burped before....? Ew. Now that's gross.

delicious...! sunscreens my favorite snack...

I like sunscreen, but I drink SPF 60, while watering it down with sun tanning oil!

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I just realized that I meant to reply to the comment below this one.

No wait, no it wasn't. WTF? These comments were switched.

now you know what it feels like to "swallow"

Sunscreen has stuff in it which is poisonous. I 1: hope op got it all out or called poison control or something and 2: wonder how well sunscreen tastes :3

I never trust my mom with putting sunscreen on me. not after having a smiley face on my back.

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Better than having a penis drawn on your back.

I could see someone's mom drawing a penis on their daughter or son's back. it's like " here this will get you all the guys. its anal sex. haha get it sweetie?". nasty...

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Well OP now your tongue won't get burned.

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At least you reduce the risk of contracting a burn on your tongue?

Now you can avoid a nasty tongue-burn!

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Well OP now your tongue won't get burned. At least you reduce the risk of contracting a burn on your tongue? Now you can avoid a nasty tongue-burn!

You may notice that all our comments were posted within a minute of each other, so it's not like it's our fault that they are all similar...

Together, we can stop tongue cancer!

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why was your mom doing it? I'm sure youre old enough to do it yourself if you can type the FML but YDI for burping before she was finished you should've waited.

I'd like to see you try to put sunscreen on your back with no help..WOW that came out wrong

yeah if she's not old enough to do her own sun cream the. she shouldn't be on the internet at all ...

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^ "I can do my own face, but thanks, mom. -applies on face in front of her mom so she can see-" She's not a baby, and she CAN say no.

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Obviously her mom wasn't putting it on her back otherwise it wouldn't have gotten into her mouth when she burped.

I totally agree why announce to all that your mum puts suncream on ur old are u? you can reach ur face, put your own suncream on!