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Today, I'm neck-deep in debt paying for med school. What's worse, the professors here are so terrible that even the morons on Yahoo Answers are 100 times better at explaining my coursework to me. FML
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Unless... The morons on yahoo answers ARE your professors

That's the American public system for you (unless you go to a private college)


Looks like your college fund would have been better spent elsewhere

You must think very highly of yourself to call the people who helped to figure out something that you couldn't morons.

To be fair, there are a lot of morons on Yahoo Answers. So it is rather surprising that OP is finding it a better resource than the professors that are getting paid for it. I don't think OP is calling the people that actually helped him morons, just the average IQ of that website.

That's the American public system for you (unless you go to a private college)

Sadly, this is the case with medical schools in most countries. Top doctors always make more money working in a hospital than teaching, and usually it is what they prefer to do. The richest universities get the best professors and thus the non-elite universities have to settle for what they can get.

That's not always an option. Where I live there are maybe 3 med schools to choose from and they are all very expensive.

op has to pay regardless, might as well pay for one where you'll actually learn something.

And you're haven't transferred yet because...?

It's extremely difficult to transfer medical schools. Outside of very extenuating circumstances (eg. family issues, health concerns), most places won't even consider it.

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I feel like everyone's illiterate and doesn't understand that this is medical school. It's not as easy as transferring between universities.

Well you are in Texas. What did you expect?

Excuse me? Texas is home to some of the best universities, such as UT. While I understand that this is medical school, there is nothing wrong with the higher education system in Texas.

I'm wondering how the professors were hired.

Craigslist. "Me, looking for med prof on the cheap. You, able to get to and from work and appear knowledgeable of medical terminology. Pay is in hamburgers. "

I have no medical degree but I have seen every episode of House and ER, can I have a job?

I feel your med school debt pain bro. Fortunately my professors weren't complete morons

Unless, OP is the moron and he's calling other people morons because he doesn't understand. I think he needs to go to the teachers and ASK for help or a more thorough explanation since he obviously doesn't understand

It's the same way at my community college. I google everything for a better explanation, and I am going for computer forensics...

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Damn, sorry OP, you should try searching for another school. But man, all that debt. Did you try getting something like FAMSFA oh however it's spelt.

FAFSA? it's loans so you would still have to pay that back afterward.

Well, there are also Pell grants, scholarships, etc. Though sometimes those can barely make a dent in med-school-level tuitions.

FAFSA is also mainly for undergraduates. Very little is offered to graduate school students.

Actually #15, here in CA you don't have to pay anything back unless you drop out of school or drop classes and have less than 10% of your original credits left. Last semester I had 14 credits all together but had to drop a 3 credit class, bringing it down to 11 credits, 10% of 14 is around 1.5 credits. I had well over that so I didn't have to pay anything back.

Might be time to find a new school. I don't think I'd trust a medical professional who learned most of their degree via yahoo answers.

Where you get the information is irrelevant. As long as it's correct and helps you understand it's what matters. Boards weed out those who don't know their stuff so there's no need to worry about trusting a person like that or not. Only those with the knowledge become licensed. Still, even doctors who went to good schools and etc make terrible mistakes and bad physicians.