Smells like… victory

By sickofthesmelltoo - 28/02/2013 10:56 - Australia - Fitzroy

Today, my friends confronted me and told me that they no longer want to visit my house because my dog smells really disgusting. I didn't have the heart to tell them that the smell is actually my parents, who have been trying to "save water" by only showering once a fortnight. FML
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I feel sorry for the dog, their sense of smell is 100 times that of ours.

Then... how often do they give the dog a bath?


Then... how often do they give the dog a bath?

once a score I presume.


Oh wait we're using old terms! So, once in a blue moon.

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I didn't know how long a fortnight was, so I googled it. I thought maybe it was 2 or 3 days, but 14 days? You have to cross the line somewhere...

Mr_Mole 24

Sounds like they're doing a good job.

I feel sorry for the dog, their sense of smell is 100 times that of ours.

But then again they like the smell of poop, so they might like the smell of Op's dirty parents

The dog is probably just fine. He likes to bury his nose in someone's crotch and eats anything that falls on the floor anyway so he's happy.

Wow, even then the dog takes the blame. First it's farts, now lack of bathing.

Tell your parents the truth. I'm sure they'll take a hint.

But it was the friends he lied to.. And I would think he tried to tell his parents atleast once..

You could stock up on some baby wipes for them to freshen up between baths!

BUt then they'll try to save on that to..

Your parents are strange.

Just tell them to shower together once a night, same savings, better smell.

Now that is Howiedoit.

(A fortnight is two weeks, not two days; it's from an old Middle English contraction of "fourteen nights.")

Once a week then at least.

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Or just draw a bath of water before they get home and inform them if they don't use it they'll be wasting the water

Why they assumed that it was coming from your dog? Your parents smelled like one?

Yep. I'm pretty sure that the OP addressed those questions in their post.

I am pretty sure that op's friends didn't expect the parents to smell that horrible.

Ask them to please shower more often

You could always make a mixture of soap and water and play the ol' bucket on top of the door prank.