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Today, the sewage pipe busted on the side of our house, spew fecal matter and the condoms I recently flushed. My parents now refuse to talk to me, and won't let my girlfriend anywhere near the house. FML
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If you don't have the common sense not to flush a condom, you should not be having sex and running the risk of reproducing

flashback.miss 28

pity whoever has to clean that up. who told you it was a good idea to flush condoms?


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When will people stop commenting these awful puns?

There is no elusive way to avoid shame with a comment like that!

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Actually, I'd much rather see a username with the letter 'i' before it, rather than a waste of a first comment because of a stupid pun that just isn't funny. But maybe that's just me.

OscarDV 8

What's with you people and first comment? You all act as if the first comment is supposed to be some great play on words. The first to comment is possibly just the first to read and give their opinion on the matter. Who gives a shit if it's not clever, or funny for that matter. Just chill the **** out, it's a comment.

Everyone who gets mad about a bad first comment is really just jealous. Downvote the bad comment and quit being a hater.

I actually giggled at the first cause of how bad it was amd the resulting string of exasperated people it was gonna make.

1jordan1 11

Oh my god you know what's even worse than that pun? How much you guys freaked out over it. Stop complaining, it's not that big of a deal, jeez. You people take things too seriously.

deviking 10

At least her name isn't Yolo swaggins or something like that

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flashback.miss 28

pity whoever has to clean that up. who told you it was a good idea to flush condoms?

Most guys that live with their parents know you're not suppose to flush condoms but do it anyways in an attempt to hide them. Usually nothing happens but apparently life had other plans for OP.

Why not wrap the used condoms on paper and throw it in the normal trash bin? Or put it in a bag and throw it on a public trash bin?

#22 Not a medical problem, pretty sure it's just a leech sucking on an eye :p looks damn painful to me. Imagine getting the blood sucked out of your pupil by a little creature that is stuck fast to your face. Not fun :)

#55, it would be more likely for OP's parents to find it. Plus, OP is from Pakistan. His family probably feels ashamed.

95, don't worry, leeches produce their own anesthetic for their prey so they can't feel a thing. Still pretty nasty, though.

One of the first things I googled before losing my virginity was if you could flush condoms. Reading this FML I'm really glad I took the time to do that.

If you don't have the common sense not to flush a condom, you should not be having sex and running the risk of reproducing

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Yes because we all know that condoms are always 100% effective and no baby has been born because of a broken condom or anything like that. *eyeroll*

Haven't you heard? Condoms aren't fool proof, smarty pants.

Yes there is. Condoms fail, especially if he puts it on improperly.

There is the chance that the condom breaks and he DOES get her pregnant. Condoms aren't 100%

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You seem to be missing the point that I said he's running the risk of reproducing, not trying to. He may not be trying to reproduce but there is still a risk.

thank you for your negative, unwarranted comment, That_Ginger

I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I can absolutely clearly remember what I was taught in catholic school: Not only do condoms fail 100% of the time, they're also majorly unsafe.

Fuzz97, you're what, 16? Please learn your facts before you become sexually active.

What are you so angry about? Your name ends with 97.... What would you assume if you saw that? You should really calm down.

you should probably stop automatically assuming things

Lizardgirl 7

Damn, this thread is so negative! (let the thumb downs commence)

Why is fuzz97 being such a Douche bag?

Read the comments above, the answers are there.

arandomusernameaa 20

Fuzz is on a roll of down votes :) ...silly billlyy

103: He basically misunderstood what #3 meant, then made a comment based on this flawed assumption. He got a decent amount of flak for it, which caused a large amount of distress in his brain. An understandable reaction, considering how most posts online are viewed as an extension of one's personality, with likes and dislikes being astonishingly important to the human psyche, as they are subconsciously viewed as society's approval/disapproval of your persona. In his distress, he had to make the choice of admitting his fault, thus quickly ending the cycle, or defending his statement. His brain told him to choose the second one, declaring that he should stand his ground, in hopes of finding others who would share his opinion and join his cause. This caused him to be stuck in the position of antagonist of this thread, since nobody decided to stand by him. Now he is stuck in that position, since the time to admit to his mistakes is long past and his brain has since entered into a state of denial, where it refuses to admit that his statement might've been wrong. Perhaps, however, it could also be stuck in simple regret over having made the wrong decision, but feeling powerless to change things. Can't really tell which of the two it actually is. Basically, he made a mistake, tried to defend it, now was stuck alone against many and became aggressive due to this position. (Y'know, like an animal that's been cornered.) PS: Bet'cha didn't expect such a long reply to a simple question like that, did'ya? :P

Your comment is awesome lol, this is exactly what I was going to say, but I read your comment and not only did it have the fact that condoms aren't always 100% a effective but it has just the perfect amount of sarcasm so I just laughed and left it at that!

REALAfroninga 11

Look guys, I'm just saying there's never been a problem a good push down the stairs couldn't fix.

HungerGames95 13

14, if he's dumb enough to flush condoms he's also probably dumb enough to put the condoms on wrong.

peoplepainter 1

Awesome. I love people with extensive vocabularies. Restores my faith in humanity. Someone has to balance out these idiotic condom flushers.

I felt like I was playing the Stanley Parable after reading the full extent of your summary

perdix 29

Are you wrapping your turds in condoms? No wonder they don't want to have anything to do with you freaks!

NinjaMouse 8

Fuzz! I didn't think you could become anymore hated. I was wrong.

Llama_Face89 33

Think you're looking for the next comment up..

Hope the homeowners insurance has protection for that...

olpally 32

You throw condoms out you moron. You don't flush them. please don't reproduce.

Nolimit2217 32

That's a shitty way to get caught!

Prepare yourself for horrible shitty situation puns.

Bit late since on decided to grace us with his shitty presence