By Anonymous - United States - Louisville
Today, my in-laws kept mocking me for being "too clean" because I take a shower every day. They think I'm weird and kept saying things like "Be careful when you hug your daughter, she might squeak!" and calling me names like "water-wasting bitch." They haven't stopped all day. FML
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By  MartinDJ  |  26

You're probably gonna be fine lol

  SilentRhapsody  |  13

It says she lives in Colorado. We have droughts here almost every summer, along with awful wildfires.

I don't blame anyone for showering every day, but if she takes super long showers every day I'd give her shit for it.

  Enslaved  |  36

There's nothing suggesting that the in-laws don't shower "regularly" themselves. A shower everyday can seem excessive. Depending on what type of work the OP does, come on, how dirty can you get? Some deodorant, a sink washed face and a bidet (to wash your booty) should be acceptable to skip a day in between. If a shower is needed daily, then try to take quick ones so less water is wasted. Nothing wrong with help being an environmentalist.

  Lanker  |  17

#43 is right. I've seen somewhere that you only need to shower 3 times per week to be considered clean (but that depends on the work you do, of course).

  UO88  |  10

Lifehacker recently did an article about how often you should shower. Personally I shower at least every other day if not every day. I have also heard that it's bad to wash your hair every day.

  meggieeeee92  |  27

I take showers every day. I don't see what's so wrong with that. Especially if you go to the gym and sweat a lot every day. Or do some sort of labor intensive work. I'm sorry, but I like to be clean.

  aire101  |  16

I'm sorry, but having smelled the people that come into my store every day, whether you work a labor intensive job or not (and some of these people with this issue are lifetime freeloaders, so they don't have one), some people NEED to have a shower every day. Not everyone perspires the same or have the same level of body odor issues.

  KinkyCurly  |  13

I believe the in laws are thinking of the present... they didn't just refer to her cleanness, but the water wasting too... there might be more to the story.... like they live in CA were there is a drought going on...???

  LalaDee561  |  8

I can't believe that taking a shower every day is considered bad. I guess it depends on the culture. My family considers it gross if you only take one shower a day (they take 2- in the morning and at night) and I get talked shit to sometimes for only showering once a day. I'm sure you'd be OK not showering every day, but no matter what you do you still sweat some every day. Unless you're literally sitting on your ass all day long from when you wake up until you sleep.

  moosetracks22  |  10

There's nothinng wrong with taking a daily shower. Some people need to shower everyday. I have oily hair, and if I don't wash it daily it looks horrible. Every weekday I either exercise or clean people's houses for work. so I will either be sweaty or smelling of cleaning supplies and covered in other people's dirt and germs, there's no way I am going to bed like that. Unless I plan to stay inside for two days I have to take a shower to look presentable.

  DracoSpirita  |  21

There was a water crisis here in West Virginia last month. Some stupid chemical company poured tons of chemicals into the water supply so several counties, including my own, were unable to drink the water or bathe in it, or use it for laundry or cleaning. Some places are still having issues with their water.

  funsizedbecka  |  9

That's pretty rude. Regardless of what is going on in my home state, that comment is uncalled for. The whole state has not been affected by the spill just a small portion.

  Selvyys  |  4

It's actually better for you to skip a day from showering. It's good for your hair and skin and you also save money. Skipping one day does not make you unclean.

  MrRazzle  |  4

Unless you work in a warehouse where dust and dirt are in abundance and cling to you like flies to crap. Then you probably need to shower everyday after work.

  hashshim  |  21

it actually makes your immune system go into overdrive if you're to clean. your immune system then attacks things like peanuts because it has nothing else to fight.


Yep, #95, and also kids that grow up in households with pets are generally healthier and have stronger immune systems because their immune systems have to work to keep them healthy from the bacteria from the dog/cat/chickens/farm animals, etc. If kids grow up in an environment that's too clean, their immune system won't have anything to do and they end up being sick a lot because a sterile environment is unhealthy and they need a good amount of germs.

  SpicyDuck  |  22

15, a bouillon is a soup stock type product and no it would not solve any problem, just make them smellier so they have to shower more. So if they do stink, maybe it's solving a problem by making it worse..