By Sammy - Canada - Ottawa
Today, I came home to find that while my husband and children were mindlessly watching TV, one of our dogs got into the cupboard that stores the deep fryer. He got the lid off, ate all of the old oil and barfed everything up on the couch. FML
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  iAlissa  |  34

22 - it's a dog. Oil probably smelled good to it. Just because it ate something that smelled appealing to it does not qualify the animal as stupid.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

A dog is stupid.....because it ate something edible that smelled like something edible?

Er...I'm not really seeing your logic here. Does that mean every time a person gets sick from food or every time a person over-eats they become an example of how stupid the human-race is?

  apax  |  9

Isn't the pancreas associated with sugar? IE insulen to lower blood sugar and glucagon to raise it in order to maintain balance?
I'd maybe agree with a coronary risk, but it's a dog and I don't think they naturally live long enough for that to be much if a concern.

  LarryLaDouche  |  13

As a Type 1 Diabetic I can confirm this. While fat doesn't directly overload your bloodstream with sugar, it makes it harder to dilute the sugar that is in your bloodstream. If anything this dog is just at risk for an upset stomach, indigestion, and diarrhea.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Actually, fatty foods and certain meats can cause pancreatitis in dogs, because they have trouble digesting it properly. My dog got pancreatitis because the chicken meat we gave her eat night had too much skin on it.

  andyyroxx  |  20

The pancreas and liver in a dog does not have the same protease and lipase enzyme pool as other organisms - if it ingested enough, the bile ducts would have been rendered useless and possibly lead to worse than pancreatitis.

  invivoful  |  10

I work at an animal hospital, and yes, dogs can get pancreatitis from fatty, rich foods. It's usually triggered by an abrupt change in diet. I've even seen some dogs get it while switching to another brand of dog food =/

  Lizzy500  |  16

The pancreas is responsible for multiple digestive functions, not just insulin. Google canine pancreatitis, it's a real concern, especially if the dog keeps vomiting.

  Sandman366  |  6

Must be a mansion to not hear anything but the TV, unless it's turned up so loud that the neighbors blocks away are calling cops on how loud it is. Trust can hear animals puking even if you're trying very hard not to. (Unfortunately, much experience...)

  Prolux_fml  |  23

Actually, pouring it clogs the pipes. Even if you wash it out with hot water and soap, that'll get it out of your pipes, but farther down the line it will clog again. My city runs ads on this all the time :P

  xyris_fml  |  28

what my dad does with his deep frier is he'll filter the oil into a container (usually the container it came from) for reuse a few times. that way he gets any debris out and doesn't waste the oil, but also doesn't just leave it in the frier. that's just an accident waiting to happen.
when he's done with it and used it enough he disposes of it in an old can or something, never the sink

By  Ukeee_X  |  19

Next time, empty and clean your fryer properly! Could be worse... As a child I coated myself and the floor in 2L of oil. Was impossible to pick up to wash me ;)