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Today, I was notified that the company did not give me a raise two months ago like I thought. The increase was a typo. Two months ago I wrote a thank you for the raise email to my boss. Now I get to write a check to the company to pay back my "raise." FML
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Unfortunately I know for a fact that the US government can and does liquidate federal pay to cover their own mistakes. I imagine private companies have an even easier time of it. Not that that makes it right.

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I'm a little surprised that they can make you pay it back, but I guess it makes sense since technically the money "shouldn't" belong to you (according to them)... Note to self: always double check that any raises earned are correct.

wouldn't you be informed first when you get a raise? instead of just a higher paycheck, so it should raise some attention right

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This actually happened to my sister. She didn't have to pay the company back since it was their mistake. But being the idiot she is, they convinced her to sign a paper that allows them to collect the money back from her pay.

45 didn't say her sister didn't pay it back. She said she didn't have to.

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this is better than getting fired so they could find someone who will work for a third of your salary.

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Don't worry OP, your bank records should show that you don't owe them anything :3

How is that even legal? Fight back and keep it!

It's all legal enough. When I left the military and filed my income taxes, the government decided to take 90% of it saying that they over paid me for the time I served and wanted the money back. Needless to say they told me this after they took my check and I still never got the 10% they claimed was mine. With a private corporation I would just assume that if you don't pay them back they would garnish your wages and possibly find a way to dismiss you.

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Unless you're in good ol' Texas.

Man that sucks! It's messed up how we have to pay for other peoples mistakes.

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If the company underpaid you, would you say that they wouldn't have to pay you back that too? They have to correct the mistake when it's in your favor, but in there's?

I live in Texas and I know for a fact that the company can force you to pay it back from future wages. Now if you quit there is nothing they can do.

@72: It's not a matter of who benefits from the mistake. Rather, it's a matter of who made the mistake. Since it was the company's mistake, it should be the company that deals with the consequences.

And yet the people responsible for this screw up will get away scot free

That just gives a bad image to the company. Probably a mistake from the IS department. That sucks OP. As far as I know, a company with constant mistakes that affect their employees will eventually crumble.

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It was more likely a mistake by the HR department. Don't be so quick to blame IS.

Woah calm down. Don't be so quick to blame HR. ;)

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Maybe you should "typo" the check you give back also

Isn't it supposed to be spelled cheque? Or do you Americans do that differently too?

Language-wise, Americans are very lazy. Color, honor, check, etc. most words with unpronounced and unnecessary characters are changed.

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No... America is a melting pot of people from all over the world. Almost all of our words came from other countries. The rules behind them change because we have no official language and new words are easily adopted. Classifying us as "lazy" is just you not wanting to learn.

actually, Americans changed the spelling of these words because they wanted to be different from the British and because it is easier to write that way.

And I love your username by the way OP fits with your FML!