By Vince - 09/12/2011 19:38 - Canada

Today, I was cuddling up on the couch with my girlfriend, when my drunken mother walked in the room, slurred out, "Room for one more?" and leaped on top of us. FML
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LezBiHonest 7

Theres always room for one more...

fthislyfe 22

Let's hope she's into his girlfriend

this is your mothers way of saying that she approves of your relationship :)

n_epic_fail 14

Momma needs love... Now drunken mamma's need to go lay in bed and preferably have a garbage can near by.

Llamacod 11

But, #27, hopefully not that into op's girlfriend. wink wink

lilcatisawesome 7

She just wants some love...shouldve just moved over for her

Unless she was naked. Then that would be messed up.

Well yeah...but if she was naked I imagine that part would've been included in the FML

cutielilangel 8

Well then... At least she wasn't naked!! :)

ninjuh_wingman 29

I think this would be better if it was someone else. The thought of it being your mom kind of weirded me out.

January8 5

@6: thus it being on FML. Because it is something that would weird someone out. If it were someone else it'd be scrawled on some sticky piece of paper, on it's way to Hustler.

EG14_fml 8

Or your half brother's grandma's aunt. Too much?

jpoole 4

Ha I saw the other post, funny. She'd have to be like in her 90's.

flockz 19

this FML all depends on how obese your mother is.

Buttsexpirate 9

Yeah either it'll feel like a body slam from a chihuahua, or a double decker bus.

olpally 32

No.. Just no.. That's just effed up.. not in a million years would you have a three way with your mother..