By Anonymous - 22/11/2010 19:52 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of over a year looked at me and said, "Sometimes I just want to hit you." FML
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perdix 29

You must be from up north. Down here in the South, he would have hit you already.


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hmm sounds like whatt i said to my gf saturday but i said strangle and she knew i was joking :D

just learn jujitsu, and if he tries anything judo chop his ass!

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Probably what Chris Brown said to Rihanna... On a serious note, I would leave if he actually hit me. Domestic violence In a relationship is usually never fully worked out, and just persists in the future.

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Maybe she's just really annoying

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You should carry a bat around and tell him you want to play "ball" that'll scare him

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93- What the hell is a judo chop? I just want to throw a book at you or something.

TheB0a 5

Probably doing something wrong...

we all want to hit our significant other at one point.

uhhhh no not every one does, if im with someone why would i wanna hit em? if your thinkin about hittin your significant other might as well end it since a significant other should be someone you enjoy bein with always, never thinkin of hittin em

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77, do you also believe in santa claus and othe fairytales? there's a difference between "wanting to" and actually performing the action. granted, if he wasn't kidding it's possible there could be problems in the future. it would be unfortunate to throw away a relationship without trying to solve problems before they become hopeless, like many of these ignorant comments suggest doing. /flameshield.

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yeah and who doesn't get frustrated with their significant other, friend or anyone else they spent a significant amount of time with. Now if you actually mean you feel like hitting them, that's a problem. but if he just was trying to be funny and meant she frustrates him sometimes, that's not unusual.

Contact me when you locate a couple who hasn't had one fight after being together five years. I'm talking about boyfriend/girlfriend couples, (gays included to). Not just significant others. There is no one out there who hasn't fought with their partner, if their relationship has lasted a decent amount of time. Sayin you feel like hitting your partner is another way of saying, "sometimes, you just piss me off". Although, like everyone before said, if he actually meant he wanted to hit her, then there is a problem.

ok well i meant if its your significant other you shouldnt have even the thought of hitting them, obviously there are gonna be arguments but MOST couples dont know how to get through those bumps, and it doesnt matter how long 2 people have been together, if a guy hits a girl and she stays with him, hes gonna think its ok and it'll happen again sooner or later. In all honesty hittin a girl is like hittin a puppy, they are DEFENSELESS it's messed up.. and to everyone else makin jokes outta guys hittin girls are ****** up, id like to see a guy do that in front of me, i do enjoy hittin guys that deserve it, makes me feel bigger every time ;)

77, I think you take things a bit too literal.

Awhh how romantic maybe that's his way of saying I love you?

TheB0a 5

and drop-kick to the face must mean "Will you marry me ?" lolZ Least he was honest sayin that he wants to but hasn't.

"Honey, when I hit you it means I love you"-BF

TheB0a 5

"And when I leave bruises on your body that's just somethin for you to remember me by, when I'm not around you know ?"

by the way he said it, I think op did something that frustrated him and he made that comment, but I think he meant it as a way to say "you're annoying" or something like that and not in a abusive way like a lot of ppl are implying

I agree. OP sounds like she is editing her post. My husband and I have both said this before. We don't hit each other but living with someone is aggravating at times. Usually saying that (or a much more colourful threat) breaks the tension and we can deal with whatever pet peeve set us off. Example: *husband leaves toilet seat up* "Sometimes I want to rip off your >beep< and shove it up your >beeping< arse then you won't ever have to use the >beeping< loo again!"

I feel sorry for his beeps... Why do women get pissed when men leave the seat up anyway? They should look, just like we look to avoid pissing all over the seat or before we sit down to shit...

A. Scroll up on the home page. Not all of you look before you piss. Don't make assumptions . B. I look. My kids sometimes forget. Once he had to fish out a kid, calm her down, and scrub her up, his memory got a little better. The next time he forgot after that involved him digging around in the bowl for a toy car. He never forgets now.

I agree as well...she is probably annoying as hell and doesn't even realize when she is

Agreed sometimes I wanna hit my boyfriend but I don't actually I just get annoyed at him.

perdix 29

You must be from up north. Down here in the South, he would have hit you already.

7 made me lol. I have been hit before but not by my bf

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12- Daddy hit you? That doesn't count.

no I didn't report it and no it wasn't my dad.

I've been on this site for nearly a year and a half. You inspired me to make an account, Perdix.kkthnxbai:]

Well you shouldn't have been mouthing off like that.

Run, darling, before he acts on his impulse. That may be your only warning.

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eh, my wife says that to me all the time.

TheB0a 5

Does she hit you ? It's okay your in a safe lovin environment. *takez out a doll* Show me where on the doll she has hit you ?