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Today, one of my bosses said, "You're going to take this as an insult, but it's not. At a certain age, women are supposed to cut their hair short." I have long hair. My bosses have all of the social skills of the guys from Big Bang Theory. FML
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I talk to customers on the phone. People wear shorts and printed t-shirts to work. Several people walk around without shoes - including one of the owners. I, on the other hand, tend to dress up a bit. Image isn't the issue. This is the same place where, over 20 years ago, I decided to wear a skirt one day and one of the owners commented "she does have legs!"

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You've put up with these people for over 20 years?! You have the patience of a saint. You must be awesome at customer service...

Forget them... I have hair that's thick & healthy & stops 4 inches from the back of my knee. They'd have to shave it off of my cold, dead head before I quit for some ridiculous social stereotype.


Forget them... I have hair that's thick & healthy & stops 4 inches from the back of my knee. They'd have to shave it off of my cold, dead head before I quit for some ridiculous social stereotype.

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Wow, good for you for sticking with it. I had waist length hair, but the thickness of it began to get too heavy and it matted a lot. I just don't have the patience for the upkeep. its shoulder length ATM but would like it longer.

Turns out #1 is about 3feet tall: >

#1, What is your secret? You must tell me! My hair barely ever gets down past my shoulders! Then, for some reason, my mom rants about it getting too long and drags me to the nearest salon. I'm normally able to get out of getting it cut, but it doesn't grow longer than that for months!

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I think Sheldon has pretty good social skills

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Just start growing a beard.......

71, there's a few things that might help... The reason your hair probably seems to "stop growing" is because of breakage. Make sure to trim it about half an inch off the ends once a month & that'll help it stay strong on the ends. Also, don't use lost of product. Overdoing the gels & creams & such will fry your hair eventually. I use a certain type of salon shampoo & thick cream conditioner & once a month I deep condition. Other than that, I use a light detangler & strengthener. That's it. I had to layer my hair, though. It got too damn heavy. You might try the same when you grow it out. Might get your Mom to lay off a bit. Good luck!

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He always offers visitors a refreshing beverage.

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At least you know they won't hit on you. Hopefully he doesn't pull a Sheldon.

For real. I don't know about all guys, but I personally love long locks on a girl~

I've never understood why women cut their hair as they age. If you like it and can manage it you shouldn't abide by an arbitrary rule.

Some women cut their hair short when they have kids because it's easier to manage therefore more attention is given to their kids. But not all moms are like that. I have two kids and my hair is just longer than my shoulders. If it's in the way, I just pull it up in a ponytail. It all comes down to personal preference.

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I got mine cut short when I first had my son, but a short hair cut needs more maintenance I find.

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Am I the only one that's never heard of such a "rule"? Internet school in session?

Some women's hair thins with age, and longer hair makes it more noticeable.

people cut those hairs as they age because in some cases it becomes more brittle and thinner and can't grow longer than a certain length

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How did you take "cut your hair" as "let's ****? "

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It could be harassment based on age or gender, but not likely sexual. However, weaker cases have been proven.

There are multiple types of sexual harassment. There's a quid pro quo "**** me and keep your job, " and unwanted sexual attention. However, the reverse is also true. Making someone feel uncomfortable by telling them they're too old to have long hair is a small insult, but it can create a hostile work environment based on gender which is still sexual harassment. It's not likely to win any lawsuits, but it's still not a good idea to say something like that to an employee.

"Sexual" doesn't always mean sexy. It also refers to behavior that is based on someone's sex/gender.

The second unsaid half of "cut your hair" is " you'll be more attractive in my opinion. " It's not too far off from saying she should wear shorter skirts.

Goblin182 26

Its not a "let's ****" thing. It's a "you are a woman, you are supposed to do certain things because of your gender"

What do THEY know about long hair? You let your majestic hair grow longer girl!

Screw him OP, I let myself pressured into cutting my hair and I never liked it. Now it's grown back and I couldn't care less what people think I should do with it. Own that pony tail, work that do, girl! :)

Don't you know that starting a statement that way gives you the legal right to say whatever you want? It's like starting with "With all due respect... " With all due respect, you're old. And an idiot. See what I mean?

Same as starting a sentence with "Not to be (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.), but (insert insult here). "

Or "no of offense, but... " *says something offensive*

Everything before the "but" is generally not relevant

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Never let a man dictate your personal style choices of any type. Husbands and boyfriends' opinions may be considered, but bosses can be ignored (unless you're in some kind of policy violation, in which case you might want to start job hunting).

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having long hair shouldn't be. at most places it is required that workers with long hair have it tied up or styled appropriately for the job (some front of house jobs require more than the standard ponytail) never have I came across somewhere that requires short hair. even the army allows women to have ponytails. I think: so