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  Zazoo1995  |  23

I really don't see why this is an FML that deserves a lot of 'FYL', it's not anything close to any of the other embarrassing/FYL-worthy sex FMLs I've read. Cry us a river, build a bridge and get over it, OP. This isn't that bad.

  citygirl28  |  11

"teach me a lesson" - that's pretty dull sex talk unless you've put a schoolgirl outfit on and a cane in his hand. Come on, try something out and see, show some imagination, there's always google! On the other hand if you had the outfit lined up - well kudos, find another partner to be kinky with...

  EVnIAS  |  13

not all girls like to talk dirty some hearing that would be more than they hoped for and ever got before. You should be happy to hear any dirty talk that means they are trying for you don't have to be so picky about it.

  Pussycat86  |  18

I agree 47, it took my sometime to understand what op meant with teach me a lesson! Unless there was an outfit then probably that sentence would be out of contest!

  perdix  |  29

#54, I agree. There are a lot of people who can "do" who absolutely suck at teaching others how to "do." Teaching is a unique skill that those who can "do" but can't teach would like to deny.