By eww657 - 16/12/2009 15:43 - United Kingdom

Today, it's the first evening that my husband and I will have without the kids in 8 months. We had been looking forward to it for ages, and my husband had even bought me some lovely new lingerie for the occasion. Guess what? I just got diarrhea. FML
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So? He can still play in the mud.

I think the diarrhea addition was a clever ploy to detract our attention away from what they did to their children in order to get that away time. I'm onto you, OP. ಠ_ಠ


what a lovely present to give him

Shove a cork in your ass and pick up where you left off.


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I don't understand why the op is so upset either..she's saying "tonight" like she still has a few hours..4 hours of pepto bismol and it will be cleared right up.

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i though she was pregnant 8 months and pooped out the baby. but then i reread it.

Sure is going to be messy when he is getting it.

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LOL!!!!!!! You made me laugh so hard!

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Plug it up baby! Use protection! haha! Diarrhea song anyone?

lol. rub it on his face lol do it lol guys like it and get it in his mouth he will smile lol. he was be so fukin happy lol do it lol.

So? He can still play in the mud.

That's so gross, but it made me laugh out loud!

Only if they're into fudge-packing. And the fudge is just a bit melted. Oh, and you're "number two" LOL.

Tasty! Have you guys considered making mud pies?

Use this as a chance to experiment ;)

lol play in the mud 

Did you just come? No honey, thats you im afraid.

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SO? Use something to get rid of it, and then have fun! That's NOT a good excuse. FYDL!

FYDL? Fuck Your Deserved Life?

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Fuck Your Dumb Life?

Maddoctor 10

Fuck your diarrhea life. ...I think.

LOL. this iz so funny. ur life iz so fuked. lol I fel bad 4 u lol. lol zomg this iz so fukin funny I wud rub the diarea on ur hubbys face lol that wud be so funny. lol do it he wil lik it. I wud. yay

79# lmfao!!!!!!! lol oh I'm dying

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Get a Styrofoam cup.... I just got an idea.

Some people like to kiss, some people like to hug, Some lesbians like eating each others' shit out of a cup


DoomJeff91 2

Allmidnighteyes, I read your comment to the tune of a song. Was this your intention?

tis a song by the amazing Jon Lajoie

Hey! You didn't even give us a chance to guess :(

YDI for having children.

MilkyFilmz 26

Yeah so the next time your parents get hurt, tell them it's their fault for having you.

get in the shower and get it on. maybe light some dented candles

Yea, and bust out the Lysol and some Febreeze