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  suii  |  0

Actually, in Belgium and The Netherlands you're allowed to drink alcoholic beverages lower than 15% at the age of 16 and higher at 18. I thought the same went for France and Italy, since I never noticed anything different while on vacation there.


She's not an alcoholic! She's a wine enthusiast!

Anyone notice that she was upset about the hangover, not the actual drinking? Maybe she expected her son to hold his liquor better. hehe

  CableX17  |  0

@89- Both were necesarry. Closet alcoholic could simply mean shes hiding that fact from the world, but in denial also tells you that not only is she secretly an alcoholic, but she has also convinced herself that she really isn't. Get it?

By  blankettt  |  0

He doesn't necessarily live with her, maybe he just had to go to her house, or vice versa, the next day. Or maybe he does live with her, I'll never know. By the way, what the hell does OP stand for? I know it refers to the poster, but can't seem to get an answer for what it means.

By  itouchguy360  |  3

She's just trying to make you not end up like her. Although I am under 21, unfortunatly my family has a history of this. Thank god not my mother and father, but older generations that have died off from both sides. :( So I may just try to avoid achohol all together. Please, for the sake of humanity, listen to your mother and father!

  ellensaligo  |  0

Rehab only works if the addict actually realises they have a problem, and wants to beat it.

If she's in denial there's absolutely no point her being in rehab. Maybe collecting a week's worth of bottles and confronting her with them might shock her into realising she's out of control, she probably doesn't even realise how much she drinks.

By  BlueTwist89  |  0

Is it me or does FML keep on closing up posts so you can't comment on them? OP, FYL. You go ahead a drink (:. As long as you keep your drinking under control aka don't get hooked.