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She's not your best friend. she's your mom

omigod. D: so sorry op


omigod. D: so sorry op

Maybe you should have uglier friends. ;)

wouldn't it be wierd if the dad and the friend had a kid together?

And the concieved child grew up to create a FML account with the name of TookiMyCooki

Ughhh !!! wow FYL Op, sorry.

OMG sorry op=( from now on make sure your dad is out of the house when she comes over! other wise things could take and ugly turn!!

25, that was awesome.

how is being drunk an excuse

shes a whore she was probably sober and u might have a half bro/sis on the way

U honestly think she's still gonna be friends with her?!

And in what situation was she drunk AND with her friend's father in a place that they could have sex?

How does this qualify as a FYL?

I know right? lol

If op's "father" lost his virginity to her friend, that would be a strange twist and more of an FML for op.

35 you are a scientist !!! lol

35 good thing that's not possible since OP exists.

couldn't it be that OP was adopted? Therefore the father of OP could have OP without having sex?

it was her dad and best friend that is a fml for her re read n maybe ull understand it

Judging from the name 63, I'd expect you to get the possibility that op was adopted or something and lied to about it. Person above me: I was responding to the one who doesn't think this is an FYL and giving them a scenario. Reread the post and maybe you'll understand.

or genetically created in a lab :P no sex for father.. just a good magazine xD

Other way around 35

#35, the friend lost her virginity, not the father.

Looks to me like she is trying to be an American beauty!

eww so nasty. hopefully she's not a minor;) ew but her virginity. wow

hmm actually.. wait op is your dad single and sexy;)

That's just messed up to a another level...

you never know. he could be Johnny depp status

dads not hot, ops friend was drunk

You don't know that, he could be pretty good looking all the fml said was her main excuse was being drunk

Yeah dad could be early thirties rich and buff. Or he could be fifty fat and drunk and your friend just identified with that.

Ew no. I'm not just saying this cause he is my father...he is just very unattractive

Haha you lady are made of win! ^^

What is this, American Beauty?

he must of been a sly dad lol and your pic is beautiful :)

She's not your best friend. she's your mom

Step mom, even! OP, things will be tough at first but just remember: she's not there to replace your mom. she's there to touch your dads weiner.

It's impossible to say "wiener" and use it in serious conversation. That's hilarious.

Bahaha!! yesssssssssss...

lol thats pretty funny

6- 3 beat you to it. op uhhhh yikes better keep your legs closed. you never know when your dad could pounce

Didn't see 3 when I posted, I'm getting some iPhone lag. Regardless, let's make jokes about it now. Let's see...YDI for being drunk enough to think Kevin Spacey is hot.

thats awkward..

Her father goes after girls (possibly underage girls) his daughter's age. And OP's friend believes it's fine to sleep with a friend's father. These are totally effed up relationships. So yeah, it's a FYL.

My God, I was starting to think I was the only one concerned with her age! Like you said though, even if she is of legal age, you would think OP's dad and friend would be creeped out by the thought of the situation.