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  Arsonnist  |  3

Judging from the name 63, I'd expect you to get the possibility that op was adopted or something and lied to about it. Person above me: I was responding to the one who doesn't think this is an FYL and giving them a scenario. Reread the post and maybe you'll understand.

  ca123  |  0

Step mom, even! OP, things will be tough at first but just remember: she's not there to replace your mom. she's there to touch your dads weiner.

  knibbsy  |  4

Didn't see 3 when I posted, I'm getting some iPhone lag. Regardless, let's make jokes about it now. Let's see...YDI for being drunk enough to think Kevin Spacey is hot.

By  SingleMaltScotch  |  4

Her father goes after girls (possibly underage girls) his daughter's age. And OP's friend believes it's fine to sleep with a friend's father. These are totally effed up relationships. So yeah, it's a FYL.

  lala150  |  24

My God, I was starting to think I was the only one concerned with her age! Like you said though, even if she is of legal age, you would think OP's dad and friend would be creeped out by the thought of the situation.