By LoveMyNewBro - 04/01/2011 10:56

Today, my dad told me he had been seeing someone for a while and has decided to marry her. When I met her, her son looked familiar. I lost my virginity to him. FML
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Now he'll have a long, long time to explain exactly why he never called you again after he fucked you. The good news is that you are not going to have to scare up a date for the wedding.


Do I get a prize?

Right? That sucks. What an awkward situation to have to explain in the future. & looked familiar?! I wouldn't just find the person I lost my virginity look 'familiar' Wouldn't they be the opposite; recognizable at an instant?

someone's addicted to gossipgirl. haha i dont even watch the movie and i know the plot. LOL

aha time for seconds?

That's indirect incest. Try explaining that to people.

58- I laugh at you. ha

It surprises me everytime how some people take EVERY single word as literal. (Referring to the comments about OP saying he was familiar) Makes me wonder if you ever.. I dunno.. talk?

81- fuck you :( wish I had a stomach like that.

ohh i get it :) thanks

Nhanzter, are you really 16? Your face suggests mid 30s.

asians dont age, you didnt know that?

incest is bestes

lol wh*** and him too

WTF how is she a whore??? just bc she had sex?? WTF is wrong with you psychopathic christians that don't think people should have sex before marriage? what's your reasoning behind that??

Sex is the devil.

Psycopatcic christians? Psycopathic means someone with severe mental problems who may act violenly and without remorse. Now whats you reasoning behind that? OK have your opinion, but im fairly sure christians arent psycopaths..mostly anyway! haha And to give some reasoning: we believe sex should be reservered for marriage as it is sacred in gods eyes, for couples showing that they are one, bonded in marriage and have preserved our bodies for this person. Also there are social reasons are health reasons. Some of this is why we believe divorce is wrong too. This is some of the 'reasoning'. Feel free to argue your point but please, dont be insulting like that...

Psycopatcic? Wow fail by me lol. *Psychopathic Tiny ipod keyboard is evil!!

Tiny ipod keyboard = sex

you gotta accept some people aren't religious. and they don't put on the 'reserve' label on their pussy, It's a good thing saving it for the right one. but of course I also believe sex can be a expression of love and plays a big role in maintaining the relationships and if it's necessary you have to give it all in it all depends on how you see it. anyway reply to the main entry, just because she had sex before marriage doesn't makes her a whore.

now you can re-kindle the old fire all the time. lol

no chance of mutations. thank you step siblings.

That is SUPER AWKWARD!!!!!! :X haha sucks!!

That's one way to "keep it in the family". Maybe you guys will get lucky and have a connecting bathroom.

They've already had sex, so it can't be too "ew". Now if it was a bad breakup, then there's a problem.

so would that now count as incest?

nah not blood related

Maybe just social taboo lol...either way, should make for an interesting follow up conversation post introductions ha ha.

this... is wincest.

Well that's.....awkward Look on the least you won't have to get to know your new step brother...:D

Because they knew each other. In the Biblical sense.

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Hahaha! Good one!

I never got where that was from.

Now he'll have a long, long time to explain exactly why he never called you again after he fucked you. The good news is that you are not going to have to scare up a date for the wedding.