By Anonymous - Canada - Westerose
Today, our family cat died. I had to explain this to my 2 small children, who had no experience with death. I ended up bawling like a baby while they consoled me, telling me she had, "gone to a better place". FML
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  Jatok  |  17

I feel the need to point out she said small, not young. We don't necessarily know if they are advanced according to this scale (idk anything about it though, so i can't be specific).
Just trying to keep you all honest!

By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

Gotta admit, they caught onto the concept fast. I was around six or seven when I finally got what death was. Started bawling - coincidentally it was in the middle of my maternal grandmother's funeral service. Halfway through the memorial I figured out why we were there and just lost it.

By  Enslaved  |  36

As cute as the kids might seem, in most situations telling someone that their love ones "has gone to a better place" is not necessarily the correct thing to tell somebody grieving. When I experienced the lost of a few of my love ones, nothing pissed me off more than someone telling me those exact words.