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  Rinnian  |  0

Boosh references ftw.

But really, that sucks. I can't imagine that happening with a friend of mine (partially because most of my friends are gay, the others are creepy

By  Jimboom  |  11

Hmm, I could see where there could be a problem here. Both of you call him daddy and both of you respond when he talks about his "sweet little girl".

Perhaps take your new "mom" out on the town and get her drunk. Then when she inevitably snogs/fucks some other guy you take some incriminating evidence and viola. ;)

  LibraLeigh  |  4

Op said they were both eighteen... they can't legally drink soooo that wouldn't work unless they got her dad to get them some..... dnt hate, I'm just saying :/

  flying_vegan  |  0

Because, kathira120, I don't eat food that can be used as miniature shovels. When it comes to digging up a garden it's tacos all the way, don't get me wrong, but I don't need to be digging my plates...

  Poptart03  |  0

#10 Word.

Thats disgusting. Your best friend being your step mom. Does that mean your father and her have been dating behing your back...kissing and what not. eww!! And then to think about their honeymoon, i feel so bad for you, indeed.

Theres the new Jerry Springer episode v.v"

By  QTp13  |  10

That is really horrible. I am so sorry that happened. The exact same thing happened to a friend of mine. Her new 'step mom' even had 2 kids with her dad. Just imagine, calling the girl you were in diapers with "Mom", or something to that effect. Sucks BIG TIME =(