By fmlskank93 - 01/09/2010 11:10 - Australia

Today, I found out that whenever my best friend used to say she wanted to do my dad, she wasn't kidding. She accomplished her mission in my bed after school. FML
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I'm more disturbed about the fact that the DAD slept her friend, not the other way around 0.o what a creeper

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www you're gonna get a half-sis/bro!!!!!! :p

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That sucks but guess she really really wanted it. o.o

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omg pls tell me ur parents are divorced before that or something... i normally am not supportive of people getting divorced but that i am in this story cuz this cud cause even worse problems for ur fam if ur mom found out her husband was sleeping with some teenager

your dad is pretty awesome. let's hope she was over 18. or else daddys goin to the slammer

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seeing how OPs name has 93 at the end I'm guessing she's around the sane age as her friend... call Chris Hansen!

In Aus. the legal age for one to have concenting sex is 16. :-) Daddy got away with it this time!

Why would your dad say yes? I mean every man has his fantasies I guess.

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That doesn't mean an adult is excused for sleeping with someone underage, especially for a gap that big.

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so, if dad has a kid with your best friend does that make the baby your 'best-brother/sister'?

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Or if he ends up marrying her, will you call her "mom"? Sorry FYL

Yeah the dad's scum for sleeping with his daughter's friend but man what a **** of a best friend! Way to set a goal & go for it ****.

Your dad wouldve said giggity giggity goo!

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So your dad is pretty hot then? Nice.


Sux OP. Your dad must be a lil pindick to go after children.

Horrible typos in my last few posts. Sorry, It's 2am here. ;-)

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Grats for your dad, I just hope she wasn't fugly.

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haha 79 talk about assuming >:P you sir, FAIL!!!

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So your dad's horny and your friend is a *****? F Your Life...

79: Yeah, in the first part of your comment, you look down on someone for assuming, then in the second part you straight up say "id assume..." FAIL. And I can't believe you don't see the FML, it was her DAD and her BEST FRIEND-- she has strong emotional ties to both, they're not just two random consenting adults to her. Apparently your understanding capabilities only go so far.

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maybe her dad was David duchovny... just saying

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98 more like his nut xD ewwwwwD: FYL

79 you FAIL epically with all your ass-backwards logic. There is no need to assume the best friend is a ****, she is a ****. If you don't understand why, just start reading this comment all over.

I thought the legal age in America was 16???

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I'm pretty sure I watched a **** on this one time?!?

169, she was saying you failed because you told the guy he failed for assuming, but then in the next paragraph you said 'I assume he's divorced'

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hi I'm Chris hansen from date line. why don't u have a seat over there

79, let me break it down for you. The friend went after a man much older than her for the hopes of having sex. She is, by definition, a ****. Also, how old are you? You'd have to be pretty damn naive to see nothing wrong with an immature teenager having sexual relations with someone's father, not to mention her best friend's.

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dude. it will never ever be cool for your best friend to sleep with one of your parents. besides the girl is probably only seventeen. thats not consenting age where I come from

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OC, I agree with you. These little kids just don't know a thing! OK, nevermind 182 really broke it down for you. I can't believe how much I learned from you 182. You are my god.

Something tells me the reason 79 doesn't see anytimg wrong with this is for the possible one of the two (or maybe both) reasons. 1) they ****** their friends mom Or 2) they ****** some little kid, maybe their younger sibling's friend or their friend's younger sibling

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It's people like you that should be beat with a hot stick, 195.

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Aria, people like that should be beat with a heated metal bat. Just saying. :]

Having sex with your best friend's father at the age of 17 isn't slutty at all. Perfectly normal. The age of consent is a standard everyone should follow. Forget sincere relationships - go screw your friend's dad. Bonus points for doing it on your friend's bed! Nothing wrong with this at all. Assuming that the best friend is 17, since the username implies that OP was born in the year of 1993 and most people tend to befriend and become best friends with those in their age group. Of course, I might get pummeled for trying to assume and then hear another assumption.

You're right 199, I should be beaten for stating my opinion.

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I was referring to you implying that someone is a child molester.

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WTF that's sick and twisted. poor op I'd go beat her ass. d:

hey whats your adress? i want to meet your best friend... :)

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stop your ******* whining, if you're friend is of legal age and they both wanted it they have the right to make that choice, unless you are mad cause you wanted it. fyl for being a selfish bitch............... the only part I feel bad for you about is it was in your bed but my question is how long did you watch you dirty little hoe? :)

16- Same here. Still gross though, bad best friend much?

nasssttyy.... now every time you'll go to bed you'll have that picture in mind.... and #77 win :)

Imagine your best friend being the mother of your little brother/sister. Ahh.

245-you're a **** for having two dudes at once

Hahaha. I was expecting some long Wikipedia sized article about how incorrect I was, but saying my balls haven't dropped yet was all you could respond with. Good one.

#16 I am more disturbed bout her bff cuz she was young nd could get a younger guy ... who doesn't have a daughter.....

Since when does having sex with an older man make you a ****? My father is much older than my mother but she has been with him exclusively for over 30 years. I'll have to tell her that her faithfulness is irrelevant and she is in fact a ****. Freaking ignorant ass people! one needs to know about ur incest 3way fetish.....not unless u're an anime fan

yeah but it's only legal to sleep with someone under 18 if you're under 18 too - so 2 16 year olds can have sex but not a 16 year old and an old man, that's statutory rape

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you my friend are a ******* tool, in Australia 16 is the age of majority before you quote at least understand not everyone is living here in the united states, in Australia where the op is this was 100% legal so go sit on a 12 gauge

#264 is correct :) Alot of people don't realise this law.

To the people asking about US law: If the age difference is more than three years (and a minor is involved) it is considered statutory rape. So a 16 year old could sleep with a 19 year old, and a 17 year old could sleep with a 20 year old, but if a 16 year old sleeps with a 20 year old, the child's parents could press charges. Thanks for the lesson in Australian law. Her friend could also be 18 and still be in the same grade, so let's quit arguing semantics here. Why didn't he sleep in his own bed? Gross. Gross.

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That's not for the US. There are some states with that law, but not all. In the state of Minnesota, 16 years of age is legal consent. As well as Wisconsin.

I actually agree with #79's first comment. There's no evidence that OPs friend is a **** - based on the meaning of **** as being "sexually promiscuous". There's no evidence here that OPs friend has slept with anyone else. She may have been a virgin when she slept with OP's dad, and may have slept with no one else since. You may not agree with her morals, but it is still an assumption on your part to presume that OP's friend has had "relatively many partners" [citation]:**** [citation]: Peace and enlightenment...

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It would be nice if he divorce and then marries her friend. Her new mom will be her best friend. How cool is that?

193 seriously? The legal age is 18? That's really old!

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It depends on the state, it is actually 16 in most of them, though it's higher in some of the most populous states (18 in California, for instance). It depends on on the state in Australia too actually, it's 17 in Tasmania and South Australia (16 in the rest).

I smell a 4 way!! Make sure you bring a ***** and shove it up her ass till she bleeds. Sorta like a 3 way rape to pay for it

that's not the definition of **** you asshole and I don't hear anyone calling the dad a *****?? and sorry op but this is kind of hot

Nevada has a legal age of consent of 18 for men, but 16 for women... >.< Or so I'm told.

Seriously! That's such a super creepy gross thing, and I'd feel betrayed by both of them. I kinda wanna know how she found out! OP, for your sake, I hope your mom is your best friend and that maybe your parents were too drunk to realize it wasn't their own bed.

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Wanted? Sounds like she had him already.

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1. beat her 2. blackmail her and ur dad (id get a car and a big screen tv and have her do all ur home work)

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Mission Accomplished. +100 points

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Ew.... how old is your dad and friend? sounds kind of pedo.

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uh, ew! I would never do it with my best friends dad. that's just gross.. and we consider us sisters. So, Incest much?!

i would b sooo pissed at her i would never talk 2 her again