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By bonehead69 - 31/05/2015 07:06 - United States - Taylorville

Today, I'm so deprived of intimacy that I got a raging boner when a waitress called me "hun". FML
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You must be going through a hard time, OP.

Get out there and find someone!!


unluckyorwhat 15


Same what?

OP I'm not sure if you're single or not but I think you should go on a dating site or go partying with some friends. Those are good ways to meet people. I met my girlfriend on a dating site and we've been dating for 7 years. Best of Luck to you OP Cheers


That reply must have taken some real thought #2. OP, I'm not a guy so I might not be the best person to give advice, but maybe playing with yourself might help those unwanted boners until you find someone. As for the fact that you haven't had been intimate in a long time, it might be time to head outside and start meeting people. Online dating can also be a good way to meet someone, so there are things of options out there for you!

CODplayer4lyfe 24

You can't help unwanted boners, #38. They're either 1. Random or 2. Set off from the weirdest shit. I don't have a pregnant fetish or anything of the sort but that sets me off and I have no idea why. I don't get turned on, just hard.

#52, thanks for the clarification! Having never experienced one, I assumed it was just sexual tension that needed to be released and that pops up when aroused. Hey, I learn something new everyday :)

I feel sorry for you!

You must be going through a hard time, OP.

emile_heskey 11

A good pun? What is this?

A horrible reply? What is it? Typical

crackajak 15

A terrible pun that gets up votes and then a condescending response to someone who questions said pun. What is this? FML?

#65 I find a quite high level of hypocrisy of your statement. First you call out the said 'terrible pun', but then support the comment who called the pun a good one. As for what #12 was mentioning, I'm sure he was stating it rhetorically, not as a question. Also, yes. This is FML, thanks for noticing.

I see what you did there.....

Pardon my bias, but I thought that was a well executed pun.

Very hard indeed ;-)

50 shades of grey commercial comes on *gentials implode*

That film was rubbish though, and although they had sex scenes, none of it was exciting.

I've seen better **** online tbh. 50 shades was way too over hyped

I bet you wish it would have "waited" a bit before popping up hmm?

That was bad and you should feel bad.

Why is waited in quotation marks?

it was a terrible attempt at a pun.

Yeah. I really didnt think my comment through very much. I feel the shame.

Don't feel so bad #60. Some people are so harsh on this app, I mean we've all done it. Whether or not most of us have the balls (or guts, ladies), to admit it. Next time just try not to point out the pun, or just think of a smoother pun :).

I guess since i dont comment much, i was super lame when i realized the FML post had just been posted lol. No point in fighting back the responses to my comment because they were brutally honest . lmao

I wonder if there's group therapy for people like you... Then everyone gets intimate and everyone wins! ... Or would that just be an orgy... Either way, good luck!

Not necessarily #7. @OP: Try cuddle parties. They're great for a situation like yours.

Ask for a glass of ice cold water ;)

Ooh, a Tardis! Wee weee weee weeeee

I hope you tipped her well.

PePziNL 20

I figure he gave her just the tip.

Surprisingly this is actually one of the softer FMLs on this site by a long shot

Harder* In case you didn't read the FML.