By i fuckin love habaneros - 22/07/2016 19:19 - United States - Charlottesville

Today, I'm so deprived of female attention that I got a hard-on when a nurse told me I have beautiful veins. FML
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Were the veins in your penis?

Be honest, OP, you planned that username out knowing it would appear next to the NSFW pepper, right?


Careful, she might be a vampire. Don't get involved... You've seen twilight right?

Twilight really dont remind me of that horrible movie

Still a better love story than Twilight.

the shit I took combined with my piss is still a better love story than twilight

Were the veins in your penis?

Xobubblyxo 23

Hey, a compliment's a compliment.

Be honest, OP, you planned that username out knowing it would appear next to the NSFW pepper, right?

I don't think you get to choose the user name

Actually, for those who don't have accounts on here, you can pick out your name. Most people try to make it punny and based on their FML.

Even if you do have an account, you can still edit the name before you submit it.

Things are getting too spicy for the pepper!

So what does that pepper mean and how do you get it? I tried Google, but I no luck.

drayloon 50

it's tacked onto any post listed in the NSFW category

Ok thank you #24!

It's okay OP we are after all human and sometimes we can't control as to what happens in our daily life.

Did she compliment the hard-on too? :P

That's a weird compliment to give.

As a physician, I would say it is a pretty standard compliment from a phlebotomist or nurse towards people who have easily accessible veins ...

theblondeone 16

It's actually an extremely common thing to say in healthcare.

Hopefully she didn't notice the veins in your hard-on, or you might get a prick in your prick ...

It's not just you, I'd be very happy too if someone complimented my veins.

Ugh I wish the nurses said that about my veins during treatment. I remember one who attempted three misses in one arm.

Happens to me almost every time

I've had 12 attempts in one sitting without success. No one ever compliments my veins. Usually a lot of muttered curse words.