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By ohtheshame - 02/05/2011 08:34

Today, I sent a kinky text message to my boyfriend. Within minutes I got a reply of, "Whoever this is, fuck off and give my girlfriend's phone back." Apparently I'm so bad at writing sexy messages that my boyfriend thought it was a prank from someone who'd stolen my phone. FML
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It could have been worse. At least you didn't accidentally send it to his father.

You should not start a kinky message with: (a) I'm going to stab you. (b) I am out buying a strap on.


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first, and "YDI". Now, tell me what the **** "OP" on fmylife means?!?!! Annoys me so badly!!!!

Practice makes perfect! But seriously, how hard can it be?

I agree. I was really good at it at 13....:/

well we know what #13 going to be like when she gets older hahaha OWNED!

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hahaha!!! owned!!!! ooooooo!!

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Looks like Freshpie's is talking from experience.

freshpie must be from the era when everyone was sexually frustrated

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#13 That is. sorry for the mixup.

dang I wish 13 was around when I was 13!

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I was good at it when I was 12 so I guess I beat her.

Well that all depends on what you're referring to when you say "hard"...giggity

yeah I was, i got pressured into that stuff at 13, hense the :/ face. it was a big mistake that I regret. however I didn't have sex until a few years later

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Skaterpaife, please hush. thank you.

#83 how on earth are you good at sexting at 13 if 1, your pressured into it and 2, you've never had sex? lol

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well 13 I do agree it is a. huge mistake in my life also. I'm waiting till I'm married though to have sex. definitely don't need anymore problems.

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no she was saying she new how to talk dirty because she watched **** and pretty much described what she saw. the boys pressured her into it

This thread is now about hoes sexting.

Aah, the ol' Freezerburn. It's good to be back.

thanks for clearing that up 105# 'that awkward moment when someone doesn't get sarcasm'

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wow! who even cares! I'm not following this thread anymore I'm just gonna live my life before I lose it like all of you guys have done.

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Apparently it wasn't that hard since he didn't start sexting back.

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a few years later wow that's I don't even have the right word to describe that

It could have been worse. At least you didn't accidentally send it to his father.

kuz then it would have been "What time?"

like every other story about bad texting on this site

I'm pretty sure that OP don't have her boyfriend's father's number on her phone.

i have my music teacher on my phone. which makes it pretty awkward when someone steals my phone and mass-texts inappropriate things to all my contacts...:

I had that problem with accidentally sending it to my teacher instead of my ex..

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Solution: Date your teachers ;P

I don't blame you. Some people are just awkward when it comes to that stuff. But yeah, at least you sent it to the right person.

fail....You need to talk like more them

less xbox and more reading will help you talk like them.

I just lost 14 IQ points by reading your comment

kinky texts? how about you just say it in person :P

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Woah number 10, it looks like you attract 5 year olds lol

25 I have candy... would you like to see that inside of my van? Number 10 will be there. We're going to a pedo's anonymous meeting together >:D

You should not start a kinky message with: (a) I'm going to stab you. (b) I am out buying a strap on.

that could work on me.. huum... my friend! *looks up while whistling*

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Whoa whoa whoa B is a good thing and A is a good thing only after she says B.

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YDI for using gay **** pickup lines on straight guys.